Lionel Messi – the world responds:

Lionel Messi - the world responds:

When the soccer match between Qatar and Ecuador kicks off on Sunday afternoon, it marks the opening of a tournament that was never meant to be held in the desert country. We know this then

The lion’s share of the 24 are older men

who awarded Qatar the championship since 2010, has either been imprisoned or suspended in various contexts due to corruption.

Qatar got the biggest sporting event in the world after spreading corruption.

Photo: Nina Hansen

In the wake of this scandalous award, human rights organizations and international media such as the British

The Guardian exposed human rights abuses, exploitation of migrant workers and deaths
False promises and more corruption in Qatar.

Some of our readers called for a boycott of the tournament. They don’t want to watch TV broadcasts from Qatar, or a boycott is the way to go. These are legitimate opinions.

These are also the opinions of all those who are now looking forward to seeing the best footballers in the world compete for the title of best player in the world. Or those who believe mentioning the darker sides of Qatar has contributed to, and will continue to contribute to, the improvement of conditions for women, gays, migrant workers, and other minorities in the country.

Dagbladet aims to cover all aspects of this tournament, as we have done well since 2015.

Seven years ago, Dagbladet was among the first in the world to visit the victims of the construction scandals in Qatar.

We traveled to families in Nepal who lost fathers and husbands to work accidents
And the

We documented the exploitation of these migrant workers
In the toilet facilities from which we will now watch football.

The series of articles “Football Scandal” shocked Norway And it led, among other things, to demands from then-football president Yangfei Hallen to do so Qatar should have forfeited the tournament if things hadn’t changed.

There is little sign that those changes have come. However, Dagbladet’s press and the critical press of others put enormous pressure on both the Qatari authorities and the international soccer federation, FIFA.

Never before has the FIFA World Cup been subjected to more critical press. And we will continue to do so at Dagbladet throughout the tournament.

The FIFA World Cup itself is a huge international event. We can’t pretend it doesn’t happen and we can’t opt ​​out of the sporting side of the tournament.

Dagbladet WC in Qatar will cover all Dagbladet surfaces and channels in the usual way. We will have a world cup studio on dbtv, live service during all matches, match matters, reactions, yeah, everything usually goes along with a football world cup.

And then we’ll have the other stories. The story of how Qatar spent an unlimited amount of money to buy this championship, but also a huge influence in international football through ownership in Paris Saint-Germain and major sponsorship agreements with other major European clubs.

We will tell the stories of the many survivors and victims of the World Cup, and ask the crucial questions of FIFA on the ground in Qatar. In short, we will give you more press on and around the FIFA World Cup than we have ever had before.

Here you can read all of Dagbladet’s stories about the drip toilet.

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