The mind of Erling Braut Haaland will be searched

The mind of Erling Braut Haaland will be searched

Erling Braut Haaland scored twenty goals in 13 games for Manchester City. This is impressive in itself. Especially since the amount of chances he created meant he “only” had to score 13 goals.

The super attacker from Brian has a nose on goal that many other attackers can envy. Although he is hungry and constantly looking for more targets, Braut Haaland has an offside radar that is unusual even for higher level attackers.

– He has sexy awareness. The way he orientates himself is exceptional. He always knows where the critical loopholes are and infiltration rarely occurs. He read that well, complimenting Jurgen Klopp ahead of the big weekend game.

Klopp’s statement is backed by statistics. In fact, defender Joao Cancelo has been called up more for offside than Braut Haaland in the Premier League season. Only twice did the Norwegian end up on the wrong side of the offside line.

In “Phenomenet Haaland,” broadcaster Jan-Henrik Borslade and TV 2 football expert Eric Thorstedt delve into it. About the phenomenon of Jæren.

– Braut Haaland’s mind will be researched in football, Bursled begins.

Thorstvedt highlights the goal against Sevilla as a good example of the Manchester City striker’s footballing wisdom.

– He’s on the stealth streak all the way, but he rarely gets past it, says TV 2 expert.

– Drifts to the right side and gets an easy score in the return of the goalkeeper. He continues that having the ability to stay on the right side means a lot of goals.

Haaland discusses the intruder’s radar

Thorstvedt believes that Braut Haaland has a highly developed ability to get into the right situations. He gains valuable information through repeated eye searches in the seconds before he can receive the ball. Haaland uses this information to find the small spaces where he can be the first to play on the ball. And if the spaces are too small, he uses his body to get the small space he needs to finish the target.

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– He’s stronger and faster than almost everyone he meets. You can see that guys are actually clinging to his suit and trying to rip him off, says Thorstvedt.

In the tenth part before the end, Braut Haaland’s gaze is directed at the goalkeeper: where he is standing and what foot he is standing on.

Thorstvedt concludes that he is more intelligent and motivated than others.

Manchester City’s style of play is part of the reason why Braut Haaland has a greater surplus of defenders than he meets. With his world-class teammates, Haaland doesn’t have to use unnecessary energy in the construction game. The fact that Manchester City rarely have to defend for long periods of time eases the burden on the Norwegian.

What is the difference between playing Erling at Manchester City and Antonio at West Ham? They are two very different worlds. As a striker at West Ham you have to act like an idiot. You run in all weather, rip and toil, says Thorstvedt.

He believes, as his colleagues Yao Amankwah and Semen Stamsø Muller have previously stated, that a move to Manchester City would extend Braut Haaland’s career.

I don’t think he gets tired physically from going out to the field in a match. Doesn’t run much. I think the average workout is a lot harder for Prout. Thorstvedt says the way he plays at Manchester City now, is lengthening his career.

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