– We had no choice – VG

- We had no choice - VG

He’s from Oslo, but was never dumped during the Bislet Games. After a rough spring of illness, Evind Henriksen is finally ready to throw the sledgehammer in front of the home crowd.


The silver medal at the Olympics last year turned sporting life upside down for Evind Henriksen. Not only can the 31-year-old finally earn his living from the sport and invest in it entirely.

Now a historic opportunity has also opened for the sledgehammer. For the first time, his private rehearsal is on the show during the traditional Bislet Games Thursday night.

– It’s going to be incredibly cool, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been on the field a lot during the Bislet games, but I’ve never participated in it, he tells VG.

Welcome: Steinar Hoen and Eivind Henriksen in front of Bislett Games.

Throughout his career, athlete IK Tjalve has been on the sidelines during the biggest competition of the season on Norwegian soil.

– It was, of course, embarrassing not to let the sledgehammer participate. We’re still not involved, says Henriksen, so it’s great that Bislett Games can take the initiative and show that this is possible.

The 191 centimeters, 116 kilograms man became a new folk champion when he set a personal record four times in last summer’s Olympic final – which was a fine silver. And it was precisely this achievement that “forced” him to engage in the generous company.

We had no other choice, said Steinar Hoen, director of Bislet Games.

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He and the rest of the event organizers have designed a special program for Henriksen this year. Hammerhammer is not part of the Diamond League – the World Cup in Athletics – but Hoen has been included in the pre-program for the main event.

15 minutes before international television broadcasts began, Henriksen and the rest of the world made the crucial throws.

– Then everyone wins. Evind will be competing in Bislet for the first time and the stadium will be full, says Hoyen, who hopes the favorite will experience Bislet’s famous “roar” at home.

Henriksen has a knee problem, and as a father of young children, his body has been plagued by several viruses and bacteria lately. A big challenge for the best sports lover.

– When I got home from a conference in Poland, he coughed like that. Then a face mask and glasses were put on for two days at home. It was fine to stay away for short periods, but he decided. When dad wants to leave today, it’s not easy for you to refuse. I lie in bed with my bandage and glasses on and sing nightly songs, laughs Henriksen.

Father and son: Evind Henriksen thinks it’s hard to have to isolate himself from his son at times. Then it’s okay to have a face mask and goggles.

– I’m not someone who thinks it’s easy to go out and put all the responsibility on the sufferer for a few weeks because I’m going to stay healthy. I choose to have children, and then I have to stand in it for a bit. Although I want to avoid getting sick before the World Cup, he continues.

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For most athletes, this summer’s World Cup in Eugene, USA is the biggest target of the season for the Norwegian. There he hopes for more memorable moments in the tournament.

– I know I have a chance to throw away. He says if it works out, I can be there.

Bislette games are broadcast on NRK 1 from kl. 18 Thursday night.

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