Overwhelming referee Leverod on top of football in Norway – VG

Overwhelming referee Leverod on top of football in Norway – VG
Decisive: Terry Leveraud was filmed in Montevideo in 2018.

This summer, Terje Leverud (66) took a strong stand against Norwegian football. The old football agent is ‘angry at many’ and asks the Norwegian Football Association to break away from the elite chain.

This summer, the longtime football agent made a ruthless ruling on Norwegian football at Dagens Næringsliv. the case Norway’s fault. Liverud’s report was based on “The Evolution of Results in Norwegian Football 2000-2020”.

He painted a very bleak picture of Norwegian football.

– Leverud said the Norwegian football industry is utterly broken and ruthless DN.

An example from the report:

  • Exports of Norwegian players have declined since 2000, while global exports of players have increased fivefold.
  • The NFF has not reached one of its football sporting goals since 2000.
  • The Elite series since 2010 has been ranked under 20 in Europe.
  • Of the twelve Norwegian players contracted in Europe’s top five leagues, three have earned “at least 50% of playing time”: Morten Thorsby, Erling Braut Haaland and Berger Melling.

The people in Norway have been brainwashed

Leverud believes the numbers show that Eliteserien does not have a sustainable economy, that major Norwegian football and the national football federation in general have not had “efficient management over time” and that Norwegian clubs are not “close to the highest level in Europe”.

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Meanwhile, Leverud, who has worked for clubs such as Bayern Munich and Schalke 04 and specializes in the South American market as a consultant and club advisor, points to a bloated self-image – created by the tough goals in the National Football Association. and non-critical media coverage.

– It would be stupid. Martin Odegaard has always been thought of as a world-class player, which he is not. It is believed that people in Norway have been brainwashed, which is not a good thing.

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Norwegian football fans have followed Odegaard with dialectical eyes since he was 15 years old.

Leverud was not full of enthusiasm and anticipation ahead of Norway’s World Cup qualifier against the Netherlands on Wednesday.

– We lose her.

– certainly?

– Yes.

Miracles have happened in football before, but Norway usually doesn’t stand a chance because we don’t have good enough players. Especially when we are very weak defensively.

Liverud’s solution

Now he is identifying a way out of trouble.

– Fundamental structural problems. It is a contradiction that should set the show over the top. The Football Parliament has 130-140 large clubs that make their decisions regarding professional football. The league should be separated from the Norwegian Football Association.

Today, Elite Series 50/50 is owned by NFF and Norsk Toppfotball.

The 66-year-old is shivering at the elite series level after seeing Vålerenga-Stabæk this weekend.

– It was so bad … No, save, set me free, save.

The picture he paints for the Eliteserien is a regatta with 16 teams paddling down a steep river. The team as a captain is happy, although all the teams are cruising slower than the stream and approaching a big waterfall in the back a bit.

The German Football Association has nothing to do with player development. The same holds true for England, Italy and Spain, says Leverud.

– Nobody wants to move to Bodo

Professional football should be allowed to take over. If you reduce to ten teams at the same time in the top two divisions, you will immediately get a concentration of resources and players. If you look at the elite series, it’s just nonsense. And it gets worse because you are playing with so many bad players.

– Bodo/Glimt is number one, but no one wants to move to Bodo. You have to threaten the players there. Molde is number two, the same – 25,000 people between the hills and mountains. Lillestrøm on the third farm. Kristiansund is in the fourth fishing village. This is the top of the Elite Series. “Tell me about a football country where this is the case,” says Leverud.

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Nothing, he concludes.

– It’s a big weakness. You must have centers of power.

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Klaveness refers to training of trainers

Liveroud strongly raised the kind of remarks made by Liz Clavins VG in March last year, where the NFF Elite Director stated that raising the level of coaching education was an important strategy and that one wanted to be world class in this field.

North Macedonia is much better than Norway. It is very disrespectful. I got engaged and provoked and angry. I have to laugh at him and at myself. But it is dangerous. He is so stupid that he was born completely dead.

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VG confronted head of football Terje Svendsen with Livero’s analysis, and his suggestion about running the NFF.

– Alleverud is of course allowed to have opinions about football like everyone else, but here there is direct misinformation and inaccurate shots in the thigh that make it difficult to comment on the content further, the answers Gro Tvedt Anderssen, NFF Director of Communications and Public Relations, in an SMS.

Can you point out what you think is misinformation directly?

– The quote holds.

Stefan Strandberg, Erling Braut Haaland, Martin Odegaard and Christopher Vasbach Ager at Olival Stadium in training on Monday.

Leverod is convinced that the NFF and Norsk Toppfotball are only looking to protect themselves and their power.

– Terje Svendsen They are completely invisible. For what are they standing? no thing. They say nothing, can do nothing and take no responsibility for not reaching one goal and for running the best Norwegian football entirely in the ditch.

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– sad norwegian football

He also rebukes the media – especially VG – for not facilitating the discussion and for failing to inform the people.

– I’m angry at a lot of people. I do this because I really care about football and I see how bad it is. If we don’t work together, it will only continue. It’s very sad for Norwegian football, Leverud tells VG.

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The way Norwegian football is run is very similar to the planned economy of the old Soviet Union. It’s a violent central government – what do we think, what do we think. The word “topping” may not be used. Then one should decentralize player development. The whole mentality is completely ridiculous. He says that players are developed in positions of strength.

The best players come from the big clubs. They have experience, culture, knowledge, strengths, resources and experienced coaches. They came from Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Bayern Munich – they were not developed in Ota and Finstra.

The adults will get better

Can development in small places around Norway be neglected if everything is left to the big clubs?

It’s not about leaving everything to someone, the big things will be so much better. This one should motivate the best, not just the young players, but the best coaches and leaders get there as soon as possible. Collect resources for them to develop more. As with research, musicians, medicine and everything else. With the exception of Norwegian football, where the central administration banned these ideas. You don’t sit alone at Vinstra and develop as a researcher, you do it in research centers with the best.

The World Cup qualifier between Norway and the Netherlands kicks off at 20.45 at Olival Stadium on Wednesday. The match is broadcast on TV 2, and can also Follow live here at VG Live. Besides, it will be Studio with experts and feedback all the way on VGTV.

note! Friday you can follow Norway U-21 European Championship qualifier against Austria kicks off at 18.00 on VG + Sport here

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