The English Premier League releases audio recordings from the scandalous match: – Oh damn!

The English Premier League releases audio recordings from the scandalous match: – Oh damn!

Dialogue from the wrong call-off in the Liverpool-Tottenham match shows how the referees realized they had made a mistake live.


The recording was published on English Premier League websites You can hear it in full in the video window above.

There you can hear for the first time the communication between referee Simon Hooper and the VAR team led by Darren England.

Luis Diaz scores for Liverpool, but the assistant referee calls it offside. He is then assessed in the VAR room, and the images clearly show that the decision made on the pitch was wrong.

However, England gave the green light to continue the match. In the recording, the person responsible for the replay can be heard saying the following:

-Wait, wait, wait, wait. The decision on the field was offside.

And here lies the error: the VAR referee, Darren England, clearly believes that the team on the field has judged the scoring, and gives the signal to continue playing.

The only problem is that the refereeing team ruled out the goal for offside, while replays showed that Luis Diaz was clearly offside.

-Are you satisfied with this? This is a mistake, says the replay director.

– Oh hell, says VAR referee Darren England when he realizes the decision is wrong.

The English Premier League confirms in the video that the referee on the field does not hear all communications in the VAR room, only what is directed to him directly.

Then the same replay referee wants to stop the match, and then England say it’s not possible. The game is already underway.

Some frenetic dialogue follows, before England finally explodes into a censored expletive at the end of the recording.

At 0–0, Mohamed Salah played a wonderful pass to Luiz Diaz, who sent Liverpool into the lead. By then, Liverpool’s squad had been reduced to ten players as a result of Curtis Jones’ dismissal.

The goal was wrongly disallowed and Tottenham eventually won the match 2–1 after a Joel Matip own goal in extra time.

The Referees Association admitted after the match that there had been major human error.

note! Liverpool also appealed against Curtis Jones’ red card in the same match following a VAR decision. It was rejected.


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