Liverpool transfer market summary: – A complete mess, a joke, an embarrassment

Liverpool transfer market summary: – A complete mess, a joke, an embarrassment

Right from the start it started very promisingly with a red eye, straight from the starting blocks with Dominik Szoboszlai and Alexis MacAllister at the beginning of the season.

But when the finish line approaches on September 1, Liverpool are far from where they need to be and want to be.

The latest blow to the face is powerful and refreshing, Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia opted for a blue suit over life on Merseyside.

Mess, joke, embarrassing

On Monday Night Football, the famous gentlemen of Sky Sports are gone Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are far away in their brutal verdict on Liverpool’s transfer activity, or lack of arrivals.

Kara summed it up simply:

– Hot mess…a joke and an embarrassment.

Jurgen Klopp and Co are now facing some difficult days and weeks towards the end of the window. Where does Liverpool stand?

In a rather difficult place, people know they are desperate.

They made a £60m bid for Lavia today when they refused £50m four or five days ago. It’s a mess and a joke.

Carragher is surprised that they don’t seem ready to chase the midfield.

The biggest problem with that is that Liverpool have known they need reinforcements in midfield since August last season, 12 months ago. So the lack of things in their place …

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The problems started a long time ago

Liverpool’s needs aren’t exactly news. But the challenges began when athletic director Michael Edwards, who had managed much of 2016-2022, disappeared. Assistant Julian Ward made the move, but it was only for one season.

Yes, they have a great coach but they had Michael Edwards at the helm as sporting director, and a transfer committee under them. it worked. He left.

After that, the second man took over and stayed in the job for six months before leaving. You have to ask why they are leaving this football club. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Jörg Schmadtke was given the temporary assignment in May, and it appears that it will be mainly on a temporary basis.

Many supporters have directed their feelings towards American owners FSG (Fenway Sports Group), but Carragher doesn’t think the problem lies across the Atlantic.

– People think that I stand for the FSG, I have nothing to do with them, but this is not about the owners. This is the structure of a football club.

Which midfielder should Liverpool look to now?

First and second choice both ended up at Chelsea, and everyone knows Liverpool are desperate for a central midfielder.

vision Yesterday 21:12

- this is embarrassing!

Carragher on Liverpool: – this is embarrassing!

Jamie Carragher is highly critical of Liverpool’s handling of the Lafia trade.

News Monday. 07.08. 20:36

– When Liverpool won the Premier League and reached the Champions League final, what did they do? They didn’t spend as much money as other teams, but they produced good players.

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I don’t think it’s FSG’s fault

The hand has been offered, and Liverpool have the money to spend, which they were willing to set a record-breaking Caicedo transfer. But in a complex transitional market, economics is not about everything.

– They could not complete agreements. Your job in this role is to close agreements. The two players who bought it have the acquisition conditions, there is no negotiation, and there is no big deal to do it, you only need to meet the acquisition condition. So Liverpool didn’t secure any big deals and that’s embarrassing.

– That’s why I don’t want to criticize the owners, they were ready to pay £ 111 million and break the transfer record. Starting with Lavia, not paying a certain amount, then going to Caicedo and then back to Lavia, it’s a complete mess, a joke and it’s embarrassing.

His team-mate Gary Neville maintains that the problem lies with those negotiating transfers on behalf of Liverpool.

– They have a big problem now, they will panic in the transfer window for the next three weeks. Liverpool don’t do that under Jurgen Klopp. They have been very flexible and efficient in the transfer market. I don’t know how it happened, but it clearly has to do with the staff.

The season will depend on it

Tuesday morning our columnist David Lynch Given their comments. He writes on Twitter/X:

“Alexis McCallister and Dominic Zuboszlai already look like great signings, and it could be said that Fabinho and Jordan Henderson had sales well above market value. But the latter should not have been sold without alternatives, and that clearly happened.”

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Lynch believes there is talk of a disastrous end to the window, whatever the cause, if the club is now unsuccessful in the search.

“Liverpool are now on the hunt for a defensive midfielder after losing two of their best rivals to the same club and whether they think he is fair or not will be judged on the outcome of that pursuit. Indeed, the success of the season depends on that.”

The Reds have become the men of yesterday

The Caicedo saga is also a theme in the new story It all starts with a podcast From the Daily Mail. Here, Football Editor Ian Lademann speaks to Premier League top scorer and former league champion Chris Sutton.

– That’s £115m for player development. Caicedo doesn’t care much about what’s on the back of the cards, I’d like to think about it, but for him, it’s social media and things like that, and if he looks, that’s where he’ll find the questions, right? This is where he will find criticism.

– This move to Chelsea is a bombshell for Liverpool’s season, right? They wanted him, he wanted to play for them every week. This is what they need in the absence of Fabinho and Henderson. They’re starting to look…a bit like yesterday’s men in the transfer market, right?

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