Table Tips, EliteSerin | Director Rosenborg's harsh message: Call a spade a spade

Table Tips, EliteSerin |  Director Rosenborg's harsh message: Call a spade a spade

Elite series of backgammon tips

Sixth place: Rosenburg

Marbella (Netafsen): – Rubbish, Rosenborg's new Swedish coach shouts in English outside the training ground in Marbella, Spain.

The message is as uncompromising as it is clear. Johansson is not satisfied with the quality he sees in his players. The feedback is unambiguous.

-We want to have a culture of learning at Rosenborg and call a spade a spade. If something is good, we say so, if something is less good, we say so, Johansson explains to Netavisen.

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– In order to achieve this, it is also important to have a clear “feedback” culture, so that you know whether what you are doing is right or not. Whether it is good or less good or whether we want to change something. That's why I consider it an important part of my job.

A few days later, Rosenborg lost a practice match against Valerenga.

“What the hell is going on?” shouts the same man in the locker room to his players.

This sermon was picked up by Nettavisen and other media based in Spain.

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– Got all the cards on the table in advance

The tone was set early in the lead up to this.

The 33-year-old is a new coach at the senior level, but he does not take players with silk gloves or treat them like young players for this reason. And this winter, to the surprise of many, he was given the job as Rosenborg's next permanent coach. He has experience in youth football in Sweden and Denmark – most recently as coach of the under-19 team at senior club FCK.

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-The process that led to me getting the job was very precise. “I think I've got all the cards on the table up front,” he says.

It's been a turbulent period at RBK with cuts, pay cuts and of course last year's historic finish with a 9th place finish in the Eliteserien.

Johansson knows this well herself. He was given a clear mission. Rosenborg will be back on top.

He talks about the team's development and that the training methodology and playing style were his biggest focus.

– We want Rosenborg to have a European stake in what we do. Rosenborg will be a European club and an international club. We must improve at all stages. This is my analysis. He says clearly that our style of play will ensure we can do that.

He himself has long been interested in looking beyond what the best teams are doing. Therefore innovation and trends are important.

– It can give us direction and understanding of where football is headed, and what we need to be good at.

Rosenborg failed in the Conference League qualifiers against Scottish team Hearts last season. The last time the European wholesaler participated in a continental group stage was in the Europa League in 2019.

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Many opinions about Rosenborg

Lerkendal is perhaps the most written about and thought about club in Norwegian football. When sports results don't come, criticism comes quickly. Johansson noticed doubts even before he led a single training session.

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Among them is Rosenborg legend and former football expert Jan Ivar “Mini” Jacobsen.

-I'm very excited about how a guy with no resume in senior football can come in and dominate Rosenborg. Now you need someone to come in with some balls and give notice to both the East and within the club about how things should be. There are many strong personalities in Rosenborg, “Minnie” told Netavisen before introducing Johansson.

Mini's reaction was that Rosenborg ended up in a situation where they appointed a coach who had never led a top team before.

– When I talk to people who have worked with football and know it, I have received almost unanimous support that people think this is strange, he said a few months ago.

But during the winter, the two met at Al-Barakah. Now Johansson reveals how he lived this encounter.

– “Minnie” came and said hello. He welcomed me to Rosenborg and Trondheim. He was rooting for us, he said. He seems like a nice guy and I know how much of an influence he has had on Rosenborg as a club historically. It was nice to have the opportunity to talk to him.

Johansson says plainly that he hasn't spent much time thinking about whether he thinks the early criticism was unfair and unjust.

– Minni in his position has the right to say exactly what he wants, he says.

Now the pre-season is almost over and Johansson has tried to keep what is happening abroad as far away as possible. Maybe it wasn't easy after the humiliating 0-5 loss in practice against the Vikings.

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Hence it can be a good idea to follow good tips and habits on the road. Just like the one he got from Norway national team manager Stahl Solbakken in his grumpy days. He managed FCK when Johansson joined the Danish club.

– He is one of the people I met in football who had a very big influence on my development as a coach. “I greatly appreciate the trust, feedback and time he has spent with me in the past,” Johansson says.

The Norwegian national team manager's advice may come in handy next season.



Rasmus Sandberg (Stewardals Blink)

Pawel Shrubala (returning from Wisła Plock, Poland after loan)

Marius Sivertsen Broholm (returned from Kristiansund after loan)

Agun Siddiqo (back from the start after loan)

Tomas Nemešek (loan from MSK Zilina Slovakia until the end of the season)


Oliver Holden (Ranheim)

Per Siljan Skeleberd (Ranheim)

Andre Hansen (stranger)

Oscar Aga (loan to Fredrikstad until the end of the season)

Rasmus Wedesheim Boll (Halmstads BK, Sweden)

Olaus Skarsem (CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria)

Morten Bjorlo (Friedrikstad)

Training matches:

Viking – Rosenborg 5-0

Rosenborg – Nardo 2-0

Rosenborg – Kristiansund 2-2

Rosenborg – Tromsø 3-0

Molde – Rosenborg 1-1

Rosenborg – Valerenga 1-4

Rosenborg – Fire 0-2

Rosenborg – Alesund 2-1

Ranheim – Rosenborg 1-1

Rosenborg – People's Team 8-0

Las Palmas Atletico – Rosenborg 0-0

Las Palmas U19 – Rosenborg 1-0

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