– Lost an incredible amount of face – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– Lost an incredible amount of face – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I think he really missed that criticism, and I took it up with him, says Glimt Jens winger Peter Hauge to NRK after beating LSK 5-0 in Åråsen.

The criticism he refers to came in the podcast Football Council A few days before the match. Gabrielsen's expulsion:

– The one I hate? What's his name, Saltens? Is that his name? I was so tired of him getting sixes for participating in a group project. Every year gold is celebrated, but it is no longer important at all. I'm so sorry about this. “Someone has to say it, but that's the way it is,” Gabrielsen said frankly.

LYING UP: Robin Gabrielsen says he has to swallow his words after his pre-match audio remarks.

Photo: Jawad Parsa/NTB

-I lost an incredible face

Ulrike Saltnes was ill and not part of Glimt's team, but his teammates did what they could to silence the critic. Either with the feet or with the mouth.

– You said he missed it completely. It was probably a bigger loss than 0-5 today. “I think he lost an incredible amount of face,” Hogg tells NRK.

The former Milan and Eintracht Frankfurt pro has full praise for Saltens, and it's clear he has been an important part of Glimt's success in recent years.

– I don't know if he wanted attention or what, but I think he missed a lot, says Hogg.

Elite Football 2024: Lillestrom - Bodo/Glimt

Recorded: Jens Peter Hauge, here with Nino Zugelj, recorded the podcast data during the match.

Photo: Jawad Parsa/NTB

– Swallow my words

When NRK spoke to Gabrielsen after the salty defeat, he wasn't as new to the messaging as he was to the podcast.

– It's no surprise that I opened my mouth. “But today I am an adult man and I have to accept my words,” he says.

Gabrielsen denies that he criticized Saltens in an attempt to make Glimt lose concentration before the match.

-I am a person who speaks directly from the heart. He hurts himself sometimes. I won't stop it. He says it's boring when things go wrong, but that's the way I've always been.

He was confronted on the field

On the field, he faced numerous opponents, who grew taller as the lead advanced.

He confirms that many of Glimt's players mentioned Saltens' criticism to him during the 0-5 loss on Sunday evening.

– Yes, of course they were not satisfied. They stand up for their teammates, as they should. decent. It's in place.

– What did they say to you?

– You can take that with them. So…what can I say? They do so after 5-0.

Ulric Saltnes

I heard it: Ulrike Saltnes.

Image: NTP

-Did you mean what you said about Saltens or was it just shooting?

– No, there are a lot of layoffs. Like I said, I speak from the heart and it pays off. It's funny then and there, sometimes it's funny afterwards, and today it is no This is what Gabrielsen says.

Ulrik Saltnes was not available to the media after the match in Åråsen. He also did not respond to NRK's ​​telephone inquiries on the matter.

– Completely wrong

Glimt's Håkon Evjen confirmed to NRK that he had received the pre-match podcast remarks in Åråsen.

Evgen shakes his head at what he heard.

– It has now become a bit special, you can say that, he confirms to NRK.

The profile of Glimt, who scored one of the goals in Åråsen, confirms that he likes to have a bit of shooting before the match. But he thinks Gabrielsen missed it badly this time.

– I know Gabrielsen since we played in the emergency team, so I know he is a good guy. He doesn't say anything, but it's clearly a bit of an exaggeration to report for no reason. We have an insanely good midfielder in Ulrik Saltnes. This “disrespect” was a bit unnecessary, if you ask me. Evgen says it's completely wrong to put the spotlight on Ulrik, when he's been nothing but good.


Defender of Salt: Kjetil Knutsen believes Gabrielsen makes a big mistake in his description of Saltnes.

Image: NTP

Knutsen defends Saltens

Glimt coach Ketil Knutsen has no problem saying that Gabrielsen is wrong in his assessment of Ulrik Saltnes' importance to Glimt in recent seasons:

– And it must be at his expense. We are very happy with the journey we have had with Ulrik, he has been a huge contributor to Bodø/Glimt's success, both on and off the pitch. This must be emphasized very clearly, Knutsen tells NRK.

LSK coach Andreas Georgesson did not listen to the student's statements. He told NRK he doesn't think much about it.

-I don't think he had any impact on the match at all. Robin is a man with a lot of twinkle in his eyes and a lot of humor that presents himself. “I think everyone thinks it's a great thing about football, if it's fun to watch,” Georgeson says.

Celebrating too early and losing the victory

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