Saving on DPS due to additional consumption in the health deck

Saving on DPS due to additional consumption in the health deck

Read on 7/4 that St. Olaf will have to cut 200 million this year, due to significant additional costs in connection with the introduction of the health platform.

200 million points An additional consumption of approximately NOK 550,000 per day and night! The savings will be leveraged through savings in operations, including at DPS, a service suffering from a “glaring” lack of treatment options. DPS was awarded a savings of just over $41 million according to the article.

Reading that employees are afraid of the good professional environments they have helped build over many years will crumble. It seems that getting the health system up and running is more important than maintaining the supply of much-needed treatment. In other words. Prestige comes before reason. I don't see anything in the article about saving anything administratively. Savings should be taken administratively, not where services that generate income for St. Olaf are produced.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

I had a conversation With a representative of the municipal council in Milhouse about artificial intelligence in the local newspapers Trönderbladet and Gula. I wrote in response to his answer to my questions that with KI you get answers there and then. I see you mentioned that with AI we get the answer every now and then. Then I would like to highlight the health platform, which at the end of April “relocates” to the municipality of Milhouse in full force.

Reply to Rolf Lund in the Pensioners' Party: – I speak as a technology optimist

Why not artificial intelligence? It is used to solve problems in the health platform, if the AI ​​has the answer and solution then and there. I do not find it unlikely that more money and human resources would be spent on “curing” the health platform than on treating patients, after its introduction. I sent the answer that this is an excerpt from Trønderbladet dated 6/4. The health staff who have been on call around the clock for almost two years running the health platform deserves a better thank you for their help! You have my full respect and sympathy for standing by my side! And to the administration. There's no shame in turning around!

Rolf Lund Pensioners' Party

Correspondence to Kjetil Blokkum's answer about artificial intelligence

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