May 29, 2023


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Google Street View celebrates 15 years – lets you go back in time

It might be a long time since I reached out to the local press if I saw a Google Street View car with a rooftop camera, but it got a lot of attention when the solution was first It was launched in Norway in February 2010after driving, at least halfway, Land and Beach in 2009.

Today, the service consists of 220 billion photos from more than a hundred countries.

In May, the service turns 15. It’s celebrating Google with more modern camera and night camera testing, launching functionality to see what things looked like several years ago on mobile, and new functionality for “immersive” digital models of well-known landmarks.

The product manager for Google Maps, Ethan Russell, reports at Blog post.

“Immersive Experience”

The English term “Immersive” appears to be a new favorite among tech giants, at least those who put money into the meta verses. The term can be translated as immersive and is used to describe 3D images that are experienced while surrounded by the user.

Google Maps now also promises to give you immersive experiences for places you haven’t visited yet. By combining billions of Street View images and aerial photos, they create digital models of different cities and places around the world.

The function will be launched later in 2022.

new camera

To get around rough terrain and narrow alleys, lighter equipment is required than a fully equipped vehicle. Starting next year, Google will introduce a new camera system that “takes all the power, accuracy, and processing power built into the entire Street View vehicle, and reduces it to a camera the size of a home cat.”

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A portable blue head camera that has cameras and a metal box around the rest of the devices.
The size of an ordinary domestic cat, Google says about the new Street View camera system Image: Google Maps

The camera weighs about seven kilograms, and the plan is to send it over the mountaintops to the Amazon and on a walk through the vegetable yard.

Travel on time

Are you the nostalgic type, or the one who just can’t put off a debate about the color of the house next door in 2012 or whatever store was on a street corner before taking over the chain, you can now have a new gadget in your mobile phone.

Fifteen years later, Google has created a rather important historical photo library. They open it to the public.

The functionality, which is already in the desktop version of Street View, allows you to choose between viewing the most recently updated photos or previous photos when you are in Street View. Once you select another date, you can still move around on Street View, as long as the Google car is going for the time you selected.

Of course, it works best if Google goes through on a relatively regular basis.

– When in Street View, click anywhere on the image to see the location information. Then click “See More Histories” to see the historical footage we’ve posted from this place, going all the way back to 2007, Russell wrote.