Low pressure and storms in line all week

Low pressure and storms in line all week

At the very least, the water tanks will be replenished. To shower in line as far as a meteorologist can see toward Friday afternoon and weekend.

The canopy is not much good this week, when the rain is in periods followed by strong winds.
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On Monday, the cruise ship Iona had to cancel its scheduled call to Fagin in Stavanger due to the high winds.

Then it’s okay not to plan to take free calls on Tuesday. Because then the storms will be worse.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute issued a severe warning for Tuesday due to wind conditions.

strong wind blowing

A strong storm blew over Rogaland on Tuesday, as the winds are getting tougher in the mountains. In addition, strong winds reach up to 28 meters per second, says on-duty meteorologist Seri Wiberg of the Meteorological Institute.

According to Wiberg, the wind drama begins at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, and doesn’t lie until 6 a.m.

– The wind comes from the southeast. The Rogaland coast will be somewhat sheltered, spared from the worst of Tuesday’s rain showers.

too cold

But the wind did not calm down before that, and then changed direction to come from the northwest. Not only will there be more powerful winds in the periods, but also large amounts of rain will fall. And over the course of the week, Wiberg saw several fronts and low pressures queuing to get the rain down on us.

On Thursday, a small, high-pressure ridge will likely creep between the lower pressures and give off some sun.

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The temperature also decreases during the week due to the northwest winds. This weekend, Wiberg says, Rogaland could experience another round of heavy, powerful storms.


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