Lukas Bräthen trains at Hafjell: rejects “typical criticism”

Lukas Bräthen trains at Hafjell: rejects “typical criticism”

Silence: Brazilian athlete Lucas clutches his arms full, followed by childhood coach Anin Jefferhaug. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

The mild-mannered Lucas Braathen did not want to talk to VG. Instead, he gave the power to his colorful coach – who celebrated the comeback by toppling the fat company car.

– Ånen is my spokesman!

Lucas Bräthen – who returned to alpine sports in Brazil – has just spent the entire morning training in Hafjell.

But he doesn't have time to talk to VG. Instead, Ånen Giverhaug – a key person in the Braathen team – gets freedom.

– It's raw, says Jefferhaug about Brazil's selection of clutches.

– I quote Peer Gynt here: He dares to be himself enough. And the a job. It is not a given that it works for everyone.

Giverhaug also dares to be himself. On the occasion of Lucas Brathen choosing Brazil over Norway, he chose to do so this With his father's company car:

Using a simple alcohol pencil he drew it “Team Brazil – Next Level” In the front of the car. The sliding doors were also untouched.

– “Team Brazil – Next Level”. Can you put on that?

Childhood coaches Jefferhaug and Peder Lederer burst out laughing out loud.

-There is a purpose and meaning behind it. I wanted to raise the bar and make a difference in the sport, especially for kids. Lucas is very keen on this, says Jefferhaug.

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– When others say the opposite, they have to defend it, but it is one of the core values “lucky”: To give back to sports, especially children.

Lucas Clutches' childhood coaches in Peder Lederer (TV) and Anin Geverhaug. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

In pre-season training sessions seven months away, it's often like a sunny Wednesday in Havegel:

Namely, there are no other artists present other than Clutch himself.

– What will the level be like then?

– We should not depend on anyone else. The layout is designed so that we are mathematically in the driver's seat.

One person who is not entirely convinced by Brazil's election is former Olympic winner Hans Peter Boras.

Earlier in March, he said the following to VG:

-If we look at the younger generations, the signals are not so ideal. He will give wrong signals if he is seen as a role model for other children.

– Changing his citizenship and driving to another country somewhat points the finger at little Norway, if only because he only thinks about himself, his well-being, and of course his bank account.

Friends: Lucas Braathen after training gives Ånen Giverhaug permission to chat his way into VG's current duo. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

VG asks Giverhaug what he thinks of the statements.

-He has to take care of this himself.

– When I was in Kvitfjell. . . There was great rejoicing among the young men of the Alps. They dug Lucas when he quit. They've dug it even more now. They were thrilled to have him back. And He continues, saying: Sport at the international level needs such a person.

– What others think and mean. I really don't care much about that. The index finger is not raised. If you don't feel it, you don't feel it. Now he wants it.

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Lucas Clutches is in a great mood after 3-4 hours of training. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

But what level has Lucas Brathen really reached after a year outside the circus? We wonder.

-He has work to do.

– In which way?

– Make him drive faster than everyone else.

-Is it rusty?

-I noticed you're out for a season. There is work to be done.

Peder Lederer believes Brathen has a “calmness” and “quality” in training.

– He adds that he is very hungry.

– Jefferhaug says there is more hunger than last year.

In action: Slalom gates do not lower on their own. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

'Team Braathen' is not yet fully prepared for the upcoming World Championship season – but key people such as Giverhaug and Lederer have been identified.

And if all goes to plan, Geverhaug is ready: his goal is to win slalom gold and the World Cup in Saalbach, although he believes the Norwegians are hoping for a Norwegian gold medal.

– It's like the fat one said: Before, Ola was a Norwegian in ecstasy when he beat Brazil in football. Now Norwegian Ola will be thrilled to beat Brazil in the slalom and giant slalom.

Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

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