JK Rowling threatens Harry Potter fans with lawsuit over grandchild claims on X/Twitter

JK Rowling threatens Harry Potter fans with lawsuit over grandchild claims on X/Twitter

Contestant: Joan Rowling (58), known as JK Rowling. Photo: Tolga Akmen/AFP/NTP

Potter author threatens an X/Twitter user after she posted claims she has a grandchild.

According to Rowling, the X/Twitter Wizarding News account, which has 37,000 followers, posted photos and information about a young mother who is allegedly Rowling's daughter — so the famous author is a grandmother.

– This is not true at all, as I think you already know. Lying about my children is a new low, even by this site's secretive standards, Rowling wrote on X/Twitter.

Rowling believes the fan site has a vendetta against her for her controversial and widely publicized views on gender identity, and that she is causing harm to innocent people.

Hate me all you want, but your actions have consequences for people I don't even know. I want to retract and apologize, or we go to a lawyer, she writes as well.

Wizarding News claims to have started as a Harry Potter fan site in 2002, but has recently focused on Rowling's role in the gender identity debate, and is clearly critical of it.

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A Potter fan account refers to Rowling as a “narrow-minded bigot determined to denigrate trans people at every opportunity.”

– Apologize unreservedly

Rowling has three children, Jessica Isabelle (30 years old), David Gordon (20 years old), and Mackenzie Jane (19 years old).

In an ongoing war of words with Wizarding News on X/Twitter, the author asserts that she did everything in her power to protect her children from the public.

However, she wrote that she has a close and good relationship with her eldest daughter, contrary to what Wizarding News is supposed to claim.

– We apologize unreservedly… to JK Rowling's eldest daughter, Wizarding News wrote on Wednesday evening.

An X/Twitter user points to the similarity of the names, and several online articles, as the reason they mistakenly thought Rowling's daughter was someone else.

Rowling Supported: Protesters in Madrid protested new laws to facilitate transgender identification in February 2023, wearing masks of JK Rowling's face. Photograph: Susana Vera/Reuters/NTB

However, the account believes they simply followed Rowling's example, with lax research and spreading lies.

– This is what Rowling does with the LGBTQ+ community on a daily basis, writes the user, who now promises to clean up his tweets and will no longer say or apologize on this matter.

– JK Rowling is the problem, not her family, and we must be more focused moving forward.

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