Mads Hansen, Aislinn Guttormsen | Mads Hansen takes a stab at Iselin Guttormsen in the “Magnetic Fist” Christmas calendar.

Mads Hansen, Aislinn Guttormsen |  Mads Hansen takes a stab at Iselin Guttormsen in the “Magnetic Fist” Christmas calendar.

Throughout December, program leader Mads Hansen, 39, posted daily videos of what he calls “fist magnets” in his Christmas fundraising calendar.

The purpose of this calendar is to raise awareness of the Spleis range for children and families with children at Christmas.

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So far, it's usually been foreign profiles that appear in the “Fist Magnet” calendar, but on Christmas Eve influencer Iselin Guttormsen (36 years old) appears with her boyfriend and professional dancer Katalin Andre Miho (28 years old).

In the video, Hansen reposted a video from the 36-year-old's TikTok profile, in which the pair are seen toasting glasses of wine, before kissing and embracing each other.

“Men in tight clothes who play deliciously are provocative, but somehow it does not reach the couples who have to show the whole world how passionate their relationship is at the cost of life and death,” Hansen wrote on his Instagram story before revealing who is hiding behind the weed. today.

Nettavisen has been in contact with Mads Hansen, who does not wish to comment on the matter beyond what is written on Instagram. Iselin Guttormsen has not yet responded to Nettavisen's inquiries.

Comes with a prompt

Hansen explains why Guttormsen and Mihu chose the “fist magnet” braces in another Instagram story.

“I challenge all the weirdos who have never set up a camera on the kitchen table and accidentally captured a spontaneous romantic moment to donate a sum of money to the link,” Hansen wrote in an Instagram story and links to the link.

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The peg has reached nearly six million Norwegian kroner, and will likely continue to grow over the next few days.

Many celebrities and companies donated large sums to the fundraising campaign started by Hansen, including DJ and music producer Alan Walker (26) who donated half a million kroner.

Guttormsen's statements have recently been responded to

The selection was not random, as Hansen and Guttormsen had clearly disagreed previously in the public sphere.

Recently, Hansen had a strong reaction to the 36-year-old's baggage drama in a movie TV article 2. It all started when Guttormsen drew criticism after she said her luggage was thrown away at the airport, after she arrived late for check-in, and left the luggage behind.

– There is only one person here who made a mistake, and that is Guttormsen himself. nothing else. But instead of having enough self-awareness to admit it, as usual everyone is pointing fingers, Hansen told Channel 2 after Guttormsen criticized the airport.

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Earlier this fall, Guttormsen lashed out at the judges for “Shall We Dance,” in which she expressed sexism and referred to them as “three penis-happy judges.” Hansen pointed this out in a TV 2 article.

– In the past there have been “Should We Dance” judges or people reposting her videos on social media. This time it was airport employees, Hansen told the newspaper, adding:

– There's only one thing to do here. It's praise for the staff at Oslo Airport for following the rules – and not giving Iselin Guttormsen special treatment.

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In Nettavisen's program “Shall We Dance”, the judges became a topic. Former contestant Iselin Guttormsen, who dressed in funeral attire for the occasion, thinks the judges needed one thing in particular that they don't have today.

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