Mahindra Formula E Team: wanted to use an AI woman as an influencer – and now they've given up

Mahindra Formula E Team: wanted to use an AI woman as an influencer – and now they've given up

The Mahindra Formula E team has been forced to scrap an AI-generated effect – just two days after its launch.


The World Cup for electric cars, Formula E, kicked off at the end of the week.

On that occasion I will Mahindra Teamwith last year's Formula 1 driver Nick de Vries in one car, do something new on social media.

He. She Amnesty InternationalAmnesty Internationalartificial intelligenceThe created influencer Ava launched with great fanfare.

The statement said that its aim was to “demonstrate the team’s journey in the Formula E World Cup and towards a more sustainable future for our planet.”

Mahindra used artificial intelligence services such as Midjourney and Leonardo AI to create its new ambassador, according to engadget.

– Having Ava, an influencer who closely relates to us and documents our journey, can provide broader appeal to help reinforce our core values, writes Mahindra's Rowan Cross among others.

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On Instagram, you can go to the account @avabeyondreality and see the 11 posts that were made, including this photo:

Buried: Ava has been around for exactly one month.  Now Team Mahindra has chosen to kill her.

But the idea was met negatively by fans and media on social media. Many felt that the team should have hired an influencer – rather than letting the AI ​​create Ava.

Motorsports PR consultant Devin Altieri signed on X That Mahindra “messed it up”, and motoring journalist Alanis King asked on the same platform whether the AI-generated influencer was “sustainable” and “why make a fake woman”.

– There are plenty of talented women in the real world who eat, breathe and sleep motorsport – “We're going to root for AI,” one fan wrote.

Now the Formula E team has abandoned the entire project.

-Your comments are very valuable. We listened, understood and decided to terminate the project, signs off Mahindra CEO Frederic Bertrand X.

Anyway, the 10th Formula E World Championship gets underway this weekend. The beginning was in Mexico. There are a total of 16 races until the end of July. The reigning world champion is Andretti's Jake Dennis. Pascal Wehrlein won this weekend's race.


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