Confirms “Playstation 5 Pro” – ITavisen

Confirms “Playstation 5 Pro” – ITavisen

On the eve of March, several specifications of Sony's new console were leaked, including the new logo for enhanced gaming: “PS5 Pro Enhanced.”

The Playstation 5 Pro will launch this winter

“Insider Gaming has the scoop on how games are rated for PS5 Pro, and what improvements those games get. Games upgraded by PS5 Pro Performance will be labeled as 'PS5 Pro Enhanced'. With such a mode, content is upgraded to 4K, guarantees 60 frames per second throughout and adds or improves existing ray tracing effects.

Now The Verge is on the ground and backing up the first leaks: “Sony is asking developers to make games ready over the summer with an extra push in the direction of ray tracing,” the paper says, confirming that the GPU is being upgraded, but the CPU is getting faster. just a little. This has become a tradition in recent years on a number of platforms and has been exposed previously.

Ray tracing, 4K and 60fps on select titles

The Verge backs up what we already know, which is that more games can run on RT, 4K, and 60fps “with certain titles.” The newspaper also wrote, as previously leaked, that the console's GPU will be approximately 45 percent faster at drawing games.

So, this isn't something we didn't already know, except that Sony is asking developers to focus on RT performance with the new console. However, it is a good idea to have the following specifications confirmed from several sources:

  • PSSR (“PlayStation Super Resolution Upscaling”) Upscaling/AA
  • PSSR targets: 4K at 120 fps and 8K at 60 fps
  • Internal testing: PS5 upgraded from 1080p @ 60 30fps to Pro, managing 1440p @ 60fps using 'PSSR'
  • Internal testing: PS5 games managed 60 fps without ray tracing – Manage 60 fps with ray tracing with PS5 Pro
  • RAM: 28 percent faster: PS5 – 576 GB/s, up from 448 GB/s
  • AMD Zen 2 CPU: 10 percent overclocked – same as the CPU but can be overclocked to 3.85GHz from 3.5GHz
  • Audio: 35 percent more power to the audio chip
  • Performance: 45 percent faster on PS5
  • GPU: 2 – 3x faster ray tracing (x 4 in some cases) – 60 “compute units”, up from 36
  • 33.5 tph
  • Support for resolutions up to 8K is planned for a future SDK release
  • Custom machine learning architecture
  • AI accelerator, supports 300 TOPS for 8-bit arithmetic/67 TFLOPS for 16-bit floating point
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