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How to get a super mobile phone for much cheaper money.

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If you are going to own a new mobile phone, there is a lot to choose from, but if you want a great model, you should quickly get rid of several thousand. When it comes to top models, year-over-year improvements aren’t necessarily very Large – so if you look at the flea market you can quickly find the best beautiful models that are one year old at a very good price.

We found a whole bunch of these deals The last time we wrote our mobile user manual, but after a whole year. So it’s only there with a new guide, and we both at Tek and the flea market are ready for it. Because as we’ll soon see, there’s plenty to choose from.

This year, as in the last year, electronics prices are still generally high, thanks both to the war in Ukraine, the Corona epidemic, and to the general increase in prices in many other areas. You may have to spend more than 10,000 kroner on a new mobile phone if you want market news – but it’s certainly not necessary.

As before, we searched the second-hand market, mainly on, with clear criteria.

For the record: is owned by Schibsted, the same group that owns through VG.

All phones that we recommend as used purchases are selected based on the following features as well as price:

  • Availability – There should be good access to the selected mobile phone in the flea market
  • Relevance – It must be a new, updated and relatively recent mobile
  • gravity – It should be a mobile phone that most people would want to own (read: previous model)
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Of course, this also means that most models are still on sale, with most top models actively selling for two to three years before stores stop stocking them. However, in the same period, the price has fallen significantly, and therefore you will also see links to so that you can see the price difference between new and now used.

A small caveat we would like to note here is that used cell phones often have damaged batteries, so feel free to check with the seller about this before a potential purchase. On many models, changing the battery is not particularly expensive, so it is always an option in terms of second-hand purchases. Read the guide below for more good advice when buying a used one:

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note: The prices of used mobiles for devices without damage and less wear.

First on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S20, which is a very modern and high-end mobile with a great AMOLED display and a very elegant look. The display has a few bezels, no camera carrier pocket (just a small cutout) and makes the phone look a lot new for the newer models.

But more importantly, it is a very powerful mobile even in 2022, which also brought the price down to a third of the new price. You will also find a whole load of these phones on the second hand market, so chances are very good to haggle and find the exact color and condition you’re looking for.

The screen is also fast, with a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a very high resolution of 1440p. Yes, you also get perks like very powerful fast charging and wireless charging (which is also very fast with the right equipment).

On the camera side, you also get a wide range of functions, with both night photography, wide angle, zoom and the standard high definition main camera.

All in all, “noble” when it comes to second hand purchases this year!

noteThe Ultra and Plus models are generally quite expensive on the second-hand market, but they’re still good options if you have to find a bargain. In practice, they are very similar.

Samsung Galaxy S20 SM-G980F 128GB

Apple’s iPhone 11 was the phone for “everyone,” without the best and most advanced features of the more expensive and larger iPhones, but at the same time well-equipped enough that no one would complain. The price was nicer, the size was more manageable and the color choices more vibrant.

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At the same time, the aesthetics of more expensive iPhones of the same generation were also present, particularly the “glass island” on the back where the two distinct cameras are located.

The iPhone 11 has a wide-angle camera and a regular camera, but no zoom camera. However, this is resolved through software, and Apple is generally good at their software. So in practice, you don’t sacrifice much for the Pro model of the same year. You are likely to notice most of what appears on the screen, which with the iPhone 11 is an LCD type. All newer iPhone and Pro models have AMOLED.

In practice, many people hardly think about this, and with a price tag of about three thousand, it is a very capable mobile even in 2020. A clear recommendation for use!

note: Pro and Plus models are generally quite expensive in the used market, but they’re still good alternatives if you have to find a bargain. In practice, they are very similar.

Sony is the cellphone maker that has long lived in the shadow of the giants out there, but has still made some very good cell phones in recent years.

One such mobile is the Xperia 5 II, which despite its somewhat confusing name is a very good used purchase. In terms of price, there is not much to confuse with, because it has significantly decreased. Yes, from about nine thousand dollars all the way to less than three.

The best thing about the Xperia 5 II compared to the iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20 for example (which we recommended earlier in the guide) is that it’s very compact and compact. This makes it easy to handle and comfortable in little hands (and pockets).

The Xperia 5 II was also a great model when it launched, and definitely the best Sony mobile phone made in 2020. You get a top-notch camera, exemplary performance, and a fast screen with small bezels. There were also probably many Norwegians who were charmed by this little gadget, because it’s so good with phones to choose from. Just make sure you don’t buy the wrong model – there’s also an Xperia 5 (without an extra “I”) and an “Xperia 5 III”.

Sony Xperia 5 II Dual XQ-AS52

No, the OnePlus Nord wasn’t a great model when it launched – but in the cheap mobile class, it was definitely the closest you got. The performance was top notch and the specs around the baut were very respectable. OnePlus is also known for having a fairly clean Android system on their phones, and it often performs well after its launch for a long time.

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OnePlus Nord was also one of the first affordable mobile phones with 5G support, which will become even more important in the coming years. Under 5,000 kronor like new was nice at the time, but now you get it for under 2,000 kroner.

Then you still get a fairly new mobile, with all the most important things you could possibly wish for. It also has a fast 90Hz screen, a good battery life, and supports ultra fast charging.

It was popular when it was new, and it’s also on display at the flea market – here there is plenty to choose from.

Normally, we wouldn’t include long-launched mobile phones like the iPhone X, but in the case of Apple, the follow-up phones get so good over time that it might be worth considering. Unlike Android manufacturers, Apple offers whole new software versions to its mobile phones for many years after launch, so that they get new functionality, better security, and improvements.

The iPhone X was also the first iPhone with FaceID, which makes it more advanced and modern than many other mobile phones in use.

Then the price will also be great in 2022. A mobile that used to cost more than 11,000 kroner at launch today costs only a fraction. Yes, we found many more or less clean used purchases for well under 2,000 kroner. Then we often talk about mobile for the money, especially if you’re primarily looking for an entry ticket into the iOS ecosystem.

These phones can also be a good start to your capsule life as a mobile phone, and at a low price, you don’t have to worry too much if the phone gets into accidents. This is not entirely uncommon when children and young adults are dealing with fragile electronic devices.

We also recommended the iPhone X in last year’s guide, and we’re doing it again now. Availability is very good, so you can afford to search for a device with a replaced battery or as little wear and tear on the battery as possible.

Note: iPhone X is no longer in regular sales.

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