Makes designing and upgrading your PC easier

In the past, the Framework allowed you to purchase most of the individual parts for their laptops. It even comes with a screwdriver in the box when you buy your computer.

Now the company has also started selling its laptop motherboard, she writes Frame on his blog.

The fact that the company has now started selling the motherboard means that it now has more options. The motherboard also contains a processor. This allows you to upgrade your computer if you want a more powerful processor without having to replace anything else.

Design your own device

Besides selling the motherboard, the manufacturer also publishes motherboard digital files so you can create your own motherboard cabinets. The company also published two 3D designs for the motherboard installation. The 3D drawing and the two cabinets for installing the motherboard are uploaded to github, Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Thus, anyone can use Framework systems for free, as long as it is credited to the manufacturer.

3D printed motherboard frame in orange and gray.
Framework has released two 3D files of motherboard mounting brackets on GitHub Photo: frame

The Framework writes on its blog that licensing the motherboard with an open license will enable third parties to make motherboards for Framework devices, thus creating more opportunities for users.

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