Resellers, Broadband | I'm very good at this. To say no

Resellers, Broadband |  I'm very good at this.  To say no

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– If I just dropped the TV contract, surely the internet bill would be cheaper?

– No, the price will be 100 kroner more, replied the company that provides me with Internet service in Bergen.

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No, no, no to the network

A few years ago, a salesman came and rang the doorbell where I lived in Barum.

The seller asked if we wanted to switch to fiber optic cable and get faster internet at home. All neighbors were to receive the same offer.

The change will cost only NOK 14,000 per household.

I said no. You said it so clearly that I thought I wouldn't get any more offers. However, the seller made new visits.

It's happened six other times.

I said no every time.

Cool veksdal

He writes small letters (short texts) about life's oddities, joys, and daily annoyances. Fiksdal is a political scientist and works as a senior advisor at NHO Service and Trade.

It may be a good idea to say no

I'm very good at this. To say no. Sometimes it is wise. To say no.

Last fall, we had fiber optic cable installed in our home by Telenor and it didn't cost us anything. It also reduced Internet costs. very strong.

Things like this can of course create reason to be optimistic about the future, but I have to admit that this story could also be considered too good to be true. After a few years, they may raise the price.

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If I can be anxious, I'm happy about it.

To Bergen: Almost zero coverage

When my mother died, I inherited so much money that I was able to buy a small apartment in Bergen. Frida's daughter lives there while she studies.

One of the first things we discovered in Bergen is that the internet only works occasionally.

Frida called Telenor and complained. They acknowledged that there was good reason for the complaint. We had almost no coverage. Telenor at the time was so generous that they allowed us to avoid paying for several months.

I would say that was not unreasonable at all.

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Cut the competitor

Then we found out why Telenor was not working.

The Fiber company installed Fiber in all the apartments on the farm and then eliminated the possibility of you being a client of the competitor.

The price also rose rapidly in the following time, reaching NOK 899 per month for broadband and TV services. We called and complained and asked if we could drop the TV services.

-Then it will be a hundred kroner more expensive, was the answer we got.

NOK 1,229 per month

Last month, the price in Bergen rose to NOK 1,229 per month. It's the most expensive broadband subscription I've ever heard of.

Maybe there are those who pay more for the Internet. It is completely unimaginable.

You can be skinned in many places in Norway.

Perhaps many will have to accept that it is expensive in Norway. Not everyone can move to Switzerland or wherever they want to flee to.

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Portable modem in the bag

I discussed the problem with my daughter, Frieda. I was wondering if a mobile modem is the solution.

I bought a small portable modem that I can keep in my backpack and use when I have a home office in Rognes in Trøndelag.

Rognes is a very nice place to have a home office as there is a good salmon river nearby.

Here I buy a SIM card from Telia in the summer. I insert the card into the modem and all my internet needs are covered for a month for less than NOK 500. This modem is also excellent if you are traveling on vacation to a country with a network that is expensive for tourists, but affordable if you buy a SIM card from a local operator.

“Very expensive,” said Frida.

Buying a portable modem costs two or three thousand kroner, and I don't really want to give what I have to Frida. So I called the company that provides the expensive broadband services in Bergen and complained. We think NOK 1,229 per month is expensive. “Very expensive,” said Frida.

We got an answer right away.

The company immediately realized that we thought the price was too expensive, and offered to lower the price again to NOK 899 per month, starting next month.

It only took a few seconds to change my mind and lower the price by several hundred kroner per month, or a few thousand kroner per year.

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Maybe the company had a bad conscience.

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Maybe they were waiting for us to call and complain? Maybe they were willing to lower the price. Maybe decide it in advance?

That's why things moved so quickly.

Maybe the company is now sitting back and hoping that other customers are stupid or ignorant and don't complain? Maybe they make millions of kroner out of it?

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