Manchester United: – An impressive meeting

Manchester United: – An impressive meeting

ULLEVAAL: (Dagbladet) While many hopeful fans stood outside the walls around the Ullevaal stadium, there was a United fan from Skien who was among the few to meet the United stars. Martin Grosfjeld got a very special agreement.

How did you fix this place here?

– I’ve been collecting autographs for over 15 years, mostly at Skagerak Arena at Odd matches, but also at Ullevaal on several occasions when United have played here, and in some international matches. Over the years I have felt that it has become very difficult for me to get autographs if I stand behind fences, almost invisible when I am sitting there. The keepers at Ollival often got to know me, and I made good contacts, which allowed me to have opportunities like the one I had today, he told Dagbladet.

Looking forward to the future

In contrast, the passionate supporter had to meet his heroes. Mason Mount, Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, and not least “The Boss Himself” Erik ten Haag. In a fan career that has seen the most ups and downs, Skiensmannen has had it harder in recent years, but he believes in the future under Erik ten Hag’s management.

I have real confidence in Ten Hag and his management of the team. If we sign a striker and a goalkeeper, I expect second place next season.

Belief: Grosfjeld has full belief that the Dutchman is the right man to manage United. Photo: private.
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ancient heroes

It wasn’t just great to meet the stars of the day. Grosfjeld has been a longtime supporter and also greatly appreciates meeting old champions.

Andy Cole was big today. They were all very nice but sometimes there were a lot of people coming in at the same time and then it was a bit hard to have a conversation with them but I did talk to Darren Fletcher a bit, he was great.

Champion: Andy Cole is one of the many heroes of Grosfjeld.  Photo: private.

Champion: Andy Cole is one of the many heroes of Grosfjeld. Photo: private.
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special date

Grosfjeld was born with spina bifida, but he doesn’t let that stop his commitment to football or Manchester United. The story of how he became a United fan is a special one.

I grew up with a Liverpool father, while all my friends were United supporters. For me, that meant I stayed with those two teams for a few years, until I decided that whoever won the next game between them would be the team I chose for the rest of my life.

The 25-year-old could not have chosen a more dramatic confrontation. The game was watched from the sofa as a father slapped his fingers for a Liverpool win and a friend desperate to get Grøsfjeld into his fan squad. The United fan eagerly tells what he remembers from the match.

– It was a morning game in March 2007. Paul Scholes was sent off four minutes from time and I remember John O’Shea scored in extra time at Anfield, after he replaced Wayne Rooney. O’Shea was also on the field today, but he came out a different exit, so unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him, Grossfeld tells Dagbladet.

Thus, the agreement was written in stone. Grosfjeld’s favorite team was Manchester United for the rest of his life.

World Champion: Grøsfjeld may not have met John O'Shea, but he did meet former World Champion Raphael Varane.  Photo: private.

World Champion: Grøsfjeld may not have met John O’Shea, but he did meet former World Champion Raphael Varane. Photo: private.
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I got fancy advice from McTominay

On some of Olival’s previous visits as an ardent United fan, he has several times entered into conversation with midfield veteran Scott McTominay. The two made such a good connection that they began discussing the Fantasy Premier League competition.

– I was able to talk to McTominay a bit when United were here in the past. Once I asked if he had any tips to give my Fantasy team.

Does he have any advice to offer?

I asked which Rashford or Martial should be on my team, he replied and smiled. He is undoubtedly the easiest United player to talk to.

The moment: Last year, Grosfjeld and McTominay had a conversation about the Norwegian's fantasy tactics.  Photo: private.

The moment: Last year, Grosfjeld and McTominay had a conversation about the Norwegian’s fantasy tactics. Photo: private.
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United’s racing continues in Edinburgh in Scotland, where they meet Lyon in a practice match on July 19th at 15:00 NST.

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