Many need help – those who own electric cars have one problem in particular

Many need help - those who own electric cars have one problem in particular

Those involved in auto rescues had a busy year in 2021. Figures from the insurance industry show that the number of roadside assistance and auto rescues increased by 20 percent, compared to the previous year.

Last year, the insurance covered 251,653 roadside assistance and auto rescue missions. This is an increase of 43,225 missions over 2020.

Here, the ever-increasing number of electric cars can be observed. With more electric cars on the roads, more people need help charging batteries and transporting cars with empty batteries.

Electric cars have the same coverage

Getting the car out of petrol or diesel far from the nearest gas station is a classic. It is also now noticeable that people are running empty batteries on an electric vehicle. Electric cars have the same coverage on regular insurance and the chance of calling a rescue vehicle in such cases, says Sigmund Clements, director of communications at insurance company If.

When electric cars represent about 80 percent of all new car sales in Norway now, that means we also have many new electric car owners. This increases the risk that someone will miscalculate the range and not be charged in time.

Too many home offices? Then your car may already have problems

If you come to the charging station with a nearly empty battery and find this message – you may quickly run into a problem. Illustrative image. Photo: broom

Charge when you can

Few owners of electric cars have problems with charging stations. Either the chargers don’t work – or the car isn’t connecting to the charging pole. If you have very little power in the battery pack, problems appear quickly.

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An important rule here is that you should charge when you can – not when you have to. Especially on departure days, there may be queues at some charging stations. Then it is wise to have the opportunity to drive, if there is a long wait.

If you stretch it to its limit and drive to the charging station with almost no power, you’ll quickly run into trouble. Then you have to wait gently, no matter how long it takes.

– If your luck is bad, just say “Click”

Fear of running out

In a nationally representative survey conducted by If and YouGov last year, two in ten responded that they fear they are running out of fuel or electricity, far from a gas station or charging point.

Veihjelp, with a deductible of a few hundred dollars, is part body and part body insurance with Norwegian insurers. With roadside assistance, there are often a few causes that stand out: a puncture, a dead battery, starting difficulties, shutdowns and engine failure, says Sigmund Clements.

So you should be careful before helping your neighbor

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