Marquis Post died: – Died of cancer:

Marquis Post died: - Died of cancer:

The famous American actress, Marky Post, of “Night Court” and “The Fall Guy” has passed away. The star’s death was confirmed by her manager, Elaine Lupine Sanitsky, interview CNN.

“It is with great sadness that the family of actress Markie Post confirm her passing away after a three-year and 10-month battle against cancer,” a statement from the family said.

Post, now 70, has continued to work as an actress while receiving cancer treatment. According to the family, the star chose to make therapy his side job, in addition to being an actor.

Hollywood star: Markie Post has appeared in a number of films and series. Here at Backyard Wedding from 2010. Photo: Shutterstock / NTB
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– Pride

The family’s statement further stated that Post was involved in a Christmas movie and was a multiple guest on the ABC series “The Kids Are Alright” at the same time she was battling the disease.

“For us, our pride is who she was in addition to acting; the one who made elaborate cakes for friends, sewed curtains for first apartments, and showed how kind, loving, and forgiving in a difficult world,” the family continues.

Throughout his long acting career, Post has influenced many fans, as well as colleagues. This is the reason why many Hollywood stars mourn the loss.

stars in mourning

Among them was Melissa Joan Hart, who played Post in “Holiday in Handcuffs”. Hart wrote on Instagram:

I am sad because I lost an angel here on earth. My good friend and TV mom finally got some rest after a long and hard battle with cancer. I cannot describe what she meant to me, the friendship that was between us and the kindness she showed me,” she writes, adding:

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I love you so much, Marky. We will miss you forever.

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One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush, who played the 70-year-old actress on NBC’s “Chicago PD,” also shares a touching message after the star’s death.

“My heart was just heartbroken by the news of Marky’s passing. She was a rock. Ablaze. A wonderful friend and wonderful stage partner,” Bush wrote on Twitter.

You have brought sunshine everywhere. Pray,” she continues.

Bush also posted a lengthy post praising the star on Instagram.

“Dear, dear Markie. I have no words. Destruction is what I came for. Broken. Broken heart. This woman. This is sunbeam. Light. And goodness. Markie Post was a TV icon. Brave. Funny”, are among the words she uses to remind her colleague.

According to CNN, no details are known about a possible memorial erecting at this time.

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