Martha Stewart (81) graces the iconic Sports Illustrated cover

Martha Stewart (81) graces the iconic Sports Illustrated cover
Model: Businesswoman and television chef Martha Stewart is a Sports Illustrated model.

Martha Stewart has graced the cover of the iconic Sports Illustrated — more than ever.

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– I’m not starving, but I haven’t eaten bread and pasta in the last two months, American Martha Stewart (81) according to the television program “Today”, Fox News.

She talks about her modeling career, which is creating a sensation worldwide. Being featured on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Fable magazine is not something many people are lucky enough to do.

One of the inductees (in 1993) was Wendela Kirsebom (56).

Stewart says she practices Pilates every day.

– Also, I live a healthy life on a daily basis.

Pride of genes

The 81-year-old was asked in November last year and the photo shoot took place in January. Stewart posed in nine different swimsuits.

She is pictured on several pages inside the magazine, and the entire photo series is presented Online version of the journal.

Sports Illustrated shared the footage on Twitter: “You’ve never seen Martha Stewart before».

Stewart thinks the cover “looks about right”. However, she admits she was a little shaken when she saw the finished result.

– I have good genes, she concludes.

Otherwise, Stewart thinks all the focus on age is boring.

– The TV personality says that instead of thinking about old age, focus on living well and successfully.

She herself wants to “age gracefully”.

Stewart runs several businesses, has written several books and hosted various television shows. However, she is not very experienced in the modeling industry – a new photo series gives an impression of that.

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But it has created a storm around the entrepreneur. 17 years ago, he was convicted of fraud and spent five months in a Virginia prison.

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