Meg Ryan in her new rom-com titled What Happens Later?

Meg Ryan in her new rom-com titled What Happens Later?

This is what worried Duchovny, who is 63 years old. The characters in What Happens Later bring the heaviness and disappointments of middle age. “They can’t do the younger rom-com moves, and they can’t look stupid or stunted,” he said. “However, they couldn’t get bored or fed up. This was really a dance, how do we make it legitimate for adults?”

Even then, he wondered if there was a desire to see mature people clinging to the connection. “There’s something in us that gets angry when we see big people making wishes, you know?” “This is the resistance we push against in the film,” he said. But surprisingly, we now have the ‘Golden Bachelor’ to show us the way.”

Ryan wrote the film after her long relationship with rock singer John Mellencamp; She ended her engagement in 2019. Does this have anything to do with her interest in lovers who have been chasing each other for years? Not specifically, she said. “But in thought, some people go round and round and never get it right.” “And maybe they don’t need to.”

“Being my age and looking back, a lot of these stories are about looking forward to a happily ever after,” she said. “And there are completely different questions that can be asked here.”

It’s not lost on her, of course, that romantic comedies are what sold us on Happily Ever After (“Crazy Idea”) in the first place. And having the genre’s former poster girl puncture him with remorse or sadness is, to paraphrase her obscene phrase, a mental tornado. “In my way, I feel like it’s a badass little movie,” she said proudly.

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