Meteorologist for weather forecast: – A long time ago

Meteorologist for weather forecast: - A long time ago

The worst is over, so to speak, says storm meteorologist Rohr Inge Hansen about the storm that recently swept through southern Norway.

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– There is always but small. Because the rain does not disappear completely. There will be a new area of ​​rainfall north of Germany through Sweden, and that will affect eastern Norway on Wednesday. It is the areas east of Oslo and Lake Mjøsa that you will notice the most. It probably won’t be more than 20mm, but now that the ground is wet, there isn’t much to pull into the ground.

The rest of eastern Norway will have scattered rain on Wednesday, Hansen says, and it probably won’t be a sunny day.

Cool air on the north road

Trøndelag also tastes rain after Wednesday, while in western Norway it starts well and then comes rain and showers later in the day.

Nowhere in southern Norway will be entirely spared on Wednesday.

From over 19°C and in some places an October heat record, northern Norway should be prepared for cold air coming from the sea from Wednesday.

– It will be less than 10 degrees in Troms and Finnmark, while in Nordland it will probably be just over 10 degrees. Otherwise, Wednesday will have showers at the beginning of the day, while the sun will appear throughout the day, and this applies to the whole of northern Norway, Hansen says.

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Good news for southern Norway

For southern Norway, there will be an improvement in the weather from Thursday. This is when the area of ​​precipitation moves more towards northern Norway.

– As for southern Norway, the weather will be temporarily lighter, and in eastern Norway the sun will appear, and that’s a long time ago.

However, Hansen says the joy could be short-lived, because he sees the remnants of a “toxic” tropical cyclone on its way from the west in the form of low pressure.

The area of ​​precipitation associated with this will enter western Norway on Thursday afternoon. It rains and stays over western Norway all weekend, so it doesn’t look good from Thursdays and into the weekend. There will be a lot of rain, and most of the rain comes from northwest Norway.

According to meteorologists, eastern Norway will only notice this low pressure on Friday.

– Eastern Norway is a bit sheltered from this, so maybe it’s just a little rain from time to time from Friday and the weekend. But I’m a little excited about how much sun it could be, or if it’s cloudy. In any case, it is western Norway that should bear the brunt in the next few days.

spread north

Rainfall in western Norway will also affect central Norway and Nordland.

Thursday will be reasonably good in Nordland, but then rain will come there too. But it won’t be as bad as in western Norway. In the interior of northern Norway, rain and frost are expected on Thursday, while outside the weather will be at home.

– In Troms and Finnmark, you must be very attentive on Friday. Hence the somewhat cold air coming from the north means that precipitation can come in the form of frost in the lowlands, and can drop as low as one to four degrees. Then it should not rise more than a few hundred meters before the precipitation settles in the form of snow and it can be a little winter.

The meteorologist says the weekend weather in the north is somewhat uncertain.

– Most likely, areas of precipitation spread upwards towards Troms and Finnmark on Saturday and Sunday, giving a slightly gray type of weather.

May the dry wind come

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Particularly strong winds are not expected anywhere in the country in the coming days, but from Thursday afternoon into the weekend there could be a light storm in western Norway and parts of Nordland.

In eastern Norway, a meteorologist is toying with the idea that there may be something called dry winds – warm winds – on occasion.

– It’s not sure it will be, but what’s to come, as I said, is air masses from a tropical cyclone, so it’s temperate air. Regardless, it is eastern Norway that gets the hottest weekend temperatures.

Temperatures of up to 16 degrees were reported in eastern Norway this weekend.

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