Mia Gundersen has to break down just before a tough trip:

Mia Gundersen has to break down just before a tough trip:

This fall saw the premiere of “16 Weeks of Hell Bootcamp” on Discovery+. On the programme, six celebrities had to fight their way through six different training camps, before finally having to face the final and difficult challenge together.

Manufacture requirements for production

During the season, TV viewers were able to closely follow the participants through personal milestones, but also through very difficult challenges.

It gets even more difficult in the final episode, as participants must embark on a challenging trek across seven mountains in Bergen as Storm Hans advances. They will visit Damsgårdsfjellet, Lyderhorn, Løvstakken, Ulriken, Fløyen, Rundemanen and Sandviksfjellet.

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– Struggle with injury

But not all participants were allowed to join the trip. Just before that, Mia Gundersen (62) had to give up due to knee pain.

– It’s not nice. “It feels like a defeat not to be able to see how far I’ve come,” Gunderson says in the episode, adding:

Weight loss

Weight loss

– I have not had the opportunity to walk the Seven Mountains, because I have had a knee injury since 1987. I checked with my orthopedist and he recommended against it.

Although the 62-year-old hasn’t finished her training, she doesn’t hide that her “16 weeks of hell” means a lot to her – and she’s happy that her figure has improved over time.

Must rest: Mia Gundersen and Abu Hussein must rest before the Seven Mountains Tour.  Image: Warner Bros.  Discovery

Must rest: Mia Gundersen and Abu Hussein must rest before the Seven Mountains Tour. Image: Warner Bros. Discovery
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– It was nice to feel mastered, it was nice to feel like: “Wow, something has happened here since I started.” It is the greatest joy I have ever felt in “16 Weeks of Hell,” now that I am getting to work.

She views the training camps as a good thing, but she doesn’t hide that they were also stressful.

- it was hard

– it was hard

Gundersen told Dagbladet that her knee injury was worse than expected and that it was difficult not to have the same experience as the other participants.

-I suffered more injuries than ever before during the season. It has gotten worse, so now I have to plan my workouts and feel a little better about my knee when I train. But I’m practicing it, but with more knowledge of what stresses me out.

Weight loss: Celebrities of the reality series “16 Weeks of Hell” lost more than 90 kilograms of weight.
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– Try to be positive

Abu Hussein (36 years old) cannot complete the journey and has to cut it short. He himself is not very happy about it.

– I was upset with myself, while Martin (Johnsrud Sundby, editor’s note) was there and calmed me down and said: “This is how it is, this is what happens,” Hussein says in the episode.

- They hate me a little

– They hate me a little

The 36-year-old admits he is disappointed.

-I tried to be positive all yesterday and today. I was determined, and I promised myself I wouldn’t stop until I couldn’t anymore… They saw it on me, I started to lose my balance and I was way behind everyone. But I just have to think about what we’ve done the last few weeks.

“16 weeks of hell”: As a distraction, Havard tries wrestling. It would be harder than he thought. Video: Discovery+. Reporter: Selina Morkin
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Hussein told Dagbladet that he is mentally prepared to complete at least three mountain peaks.

– It’s very embarrassing that this happened so early. But the injury I had from our last trip would have gotten worse if I kept it up. I started to feel it a lot. But that’s the way it is, you can’t manage everything. The weather was pretty bad, so I’m a little glad I couldn’t do more.

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