Mia Gundersen: -It was very all-consuming

Mia Gundersen: -It was very all-consuming

We are approaching the end of 2023, and among those who have put an eventful year behind them is artist and actress Mia Gundersen (62 years old).

This fall, the 62-year-old appeared, among others, on the programs “16 Weeks of Hell – Bootcamp” and “Stjernekamp”.

-This year has gone by so fast, but it’s been really fun. “I like to do too much and not too little,” she tells Dagbladet.

– You weren’t so nervous

– resistance

Gundersen says it was easy to say yes when she was asked to participate in “16 Weeks of Hell.”

– It wasn’t hard to say yes, and it was a lot of fun to participate. I was in a place where I felt a little stuck. After the pandemic, things became quite inactive. When my dog ​​died, I wasn’t able to go on my daily walks either.

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The 62-year-old usually likes to be in good shape and she quickly realized that this was a program she had to be a part of.

– There was still some kind of resistance inside me, because I knew it would be difficult. But now then, there’s an incredible amount I’ve taken with me from participating.

It doesn't look like that anymore

It doesn’t look like that anymore

Among other things, Gundersen says she has become more active and more aware of her diet.

– Everyone can have slightly stupid habits in daily life. For me, it was very easy to have a glass of wine when I first took time off. It wasn’t necessary to have such large quantities, but I’ve learned now that I don’t always need that glass.

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– Destroyer

At the same time that Gundersen was seen testing her limits on the bootcamp, she was also seen on stage in “Stjernekamp.” The 62-year-old singer had previously said she suffered from performance anxiety, but describes the singing competition as an amazing experience.

-The performance anxiety I was feeling was devastating. Even though I was nervous during “Star Battle,” it wasn’t too bad.

- Feels like a defeat

– Feels like a defeat

She also says that it was fun to be able to meet a generation that may not have known her as an artist and entertainer, but who considered her a judge for the “Norske Talenter”.

-It was fun to be able to show what I’ve done. I would have liked to wait a little longer, but smoking at the opera is perfectly fine.

Happy couple: Mia Gundersen and Alexander Hamm have been dating for a year.  Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour

Happy couple: Mia Gundersen and Alexander Hamm have been dating for a year. Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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Gundersen also does not hide the fact that she was completely focused on training when she participated in the competition.

– It was quite intense actually. Even though it was planned that there would not be training every day, the weeks go by very quickly. It’s become all consuming.

Mia's method: involuntary weight loss

Mia’s method: involuntary weight loss

– Items in luggage

With so much on the schedule, it seems like it was good that Gundersen was able to get support from her boyfriend Alexander Hamm. Earlier this month, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary.

– It’s very comfortable, I must say. It was a year in which we got to know each other. When you’re an adult and you find a girlfriend, it’s a little different than when you’re young. You have items in your luggage.

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Moreover, the 62-year-old says that the year has gone by very quickly and they are having a great time together. However, it was strange for Hamm to get used to his girlfriend’s daily life, according to Gundersen.

-This is something new for him, and he doesn’t always want to be involved in everything. Alexander lives a very different life than mine in terms of his work situation. I live a fairly demanding life and everything is completely new to him. But of course he thinks it’s fun too.

Responds to criticism

Responds to criticism

Gundersen can also reveal that she and her boyfriend will be celebrating Christmas together for the second year in a row.

-My kids will be celebrating with their dad on Christmas Eve, so it’ll just be him and me. It would be very nice, and we would probably have a lot of fun. Then the kids will come and join us for a space Christmas.

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The lead-up to Christmas is a busy time for Gundersen, who will play a number of concerts in December. Fortunately, she made time for her near and dear ones.

– Fortunately, Romjola won’t be busy. I’m really looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy myself. Things are moving very smoothly now.

This is how you live today

This is how you live today

He lost his father

Christmas will still be a little different for the artist this year. In August, news arrived that she had lost her father.

– I feel it very well. The missing father is so powerful, it’s strange that he’s not here anymore. I’m in Stavanger now, and when I was here before, he was the one who picked me up, drove me and attended the concerts. It feels strange and painful to be here now.

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She says that she had a close relationship with her father and that she traveled often to Stavanger and visited him for a while. Gundersen has previously said that her father was someone who followed her career from the beginning.

– He is also the one from whom I inherited my musical skills, as he played the accordion, guitar, piano, and bass as well. In fact, I think it will be a strong driving force for me, that is, in the wake of the fact that he is no longer here, she told Dagbladet shortly after the death.

- Very unlucky

– Very unlucky

The fact that the 62-year-old has had a long career is no secret. She was already on stage at the age of seven – as an actress, artist, judge and performer.

– Now looking back, I only see the advantages in trying out as many platforms as I did – I had a great time!

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