Michael Brandsig-Nygaard, U20 WC | WC's Norwegian talent is near the top of the exclusive list

Michael Brandsig-Nygaard, U20 WC |  WC's Norwegian talent is near the top of the exclusive list

– I don't remember seeing a U-20 national team playing on par with the best. One thing is they don't lose by close numbers, but they have speed, they can't be beat, I think. It was pleasing to see.

That's what former standout player and TV personality Erik Follestad told Netavisen after Norway's 4-1 loss in their opening match to gold favorites USA.

He allowed himself to be impressed by the Norwegian World Cup junior team, who showed they can keep up the pace against one of the best teams in the world in their age group. National team coach Christer Nylund's staff has largely managed to avoid the pressure of getting the puck out of their zone on the ice, which is often a feature of lower-tier ice hockey teams.

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NHL connoisseur Roy Ulvmoen also captured the strong effort. He supports many of Follestad's views, and points out that Norway played against an American team strong enough to win the entire World Cup.

-I think the United States will win the tournament. They have an incredibly strong team all around. They have three great lines offensively, they have a goalie and more. But anyway, I think Norway played hard and was good physically as well. They managed to do something with the disc. It's fun to see a Norwegian team not content with losing and losing, says Ulfmoen to Netafsen.

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There are rumors of several Norwegian ice hockey talents who will start this alien Christmas with the U20 WC in Gothenburg, and they are also among the leading talent scouts and recognized hockey experts in North America.

Longtime Mora player Michael Brandsig-Nygard (18) has been selected as a potential first-round pick in next summer's NHL Draft. In this case, this would make the young man the first player ever selected from Norway.

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High status

Recently published website The Athletic roster and renowned talent writer Corey Pronman On the available players you should keep an eye on ahead of next year's NHL Draft now during the ongoing U-20 World Cup.

There, Brandsegg Nygård ranks third. The Oslo boy is only surpassed by Canadian MacLean Celebrini (17) and Finnish Konsta Helenius (17) on the list. Celebrini is also expected to be selected first by the lucky team that wins the NHL draft lottery next summer.

– It's very strange when you know how little history we have with this kind of thing in Norway. Sometimes he also showed how good he is against the United States. It will be interesting. “I of course hope we get more players who are highly selected,” says Erik Follestad.

Since there are 32 different clubs playing in the NHL now, there are an equal number of draft picks in the first round.

Roy Ulvmoen told Nettavisen that Brandsegg-Nygård was selected somewhere from pick number eight or nine all the way to 25th through various rankings at various scouting agencies, companies that specialize in mapping upcoming talent in the NHL.

Previously, former national team player Marius Holtet is Norway's highest-ever pick in the NHL draft. Holtet, who retired in December 2015 due to injuries, was selected 42nd overall in the 2002 draft.

In addition to making his debut for the national team and being one of the standout players at the U-20 World Cup, Brandsegg-Nygård is in his second season at Sweden's second-highest level after moving from parent club Vålerenga.

Three leaf clovers from the same team

During the U-20 World Cup, the right winger plays in the first row for Norway alongside Moura club teammates Peter Westerheim (19) and Noah Steen (19). Westerheim scored Norway's goal against the United States of America in a less-contested match, when he first stood in the way of an American attempt before turning away from the opponents and saving the ball.

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– I think the entire Norwegian first class is good. But Brandsegg-Nygård is at the top of these draft lists. He's very good, although he had a bit of a break in the last half of the season in Sweden. He didn't produce as much as he usually does.

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– But if you look at the small details, which clubs in the National Hockey League do, such as receiving the ball and shooting quickly, in addition to being fast and strong…, Volstad points out in a conversation with Netavsen, before continuing his thought. :

– So, many of these details belong to the higher category and the international category. I think in the matches against the Czech Republic and Switzerland, the first row will get better time and space to shine. I think Norway can probably win both matches.

If this prediction comes true, and Norway can pick up one or two wins in the next few days at the World Cup, the Under-20s could qualify for the quarter-finals. In this case, it means securing a place among the top eight countries in the world and avoiding relegation to the second tier at the annual World Championships.

Folstad admits that he was very excited before the match against the United States, but Norway's efforts raised hopes of the possibility of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

– They beat Switzerland in the Under-18s two years ago, and they are the same players who are meeting now. He stressed that the Czech Republic lost 6-2 to Slovakia, so there are definitely opportunities here.

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More aces up your sleeve

The aforementioned Brandsegg-Nygård is a far cry from the next World Cup player with a Norwegian passport who is being snapped up by the world's biggest ice hockey clubs. Vålerenga back Stian Solberg (17) is also on many people's lips among hockey saviors on the other side of the Atlantic.

– Firstly, he is very strong on the ice and uses his body very well. He's a strong skater, but he's also good with the puck and can play on the power play. For someone in the prime stage of his career, he's about as complete a full-back as you can get. He's performed very well in the Fjordkraftligaen recently, I think, and he has praise for former Vålerenga full-back Follestad.

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Solberg played a strong game against the USA, and was on the ice for the most players on the field in the World Cup Premiere with a total of 24.40 minutes.

– He earns respect early on among American players by being physical, skating hard, and daring to stick to the puck and distribute the puck. I have great confidence in him, and I believe that he too will achieve at the highest levels,” says Volstad of the player who turns 18 before the new year.

Probably Norway's most talented U20 national team started the World Championship with a very respectable result against the USA on Boxing Day.

On Wednesday afternoon, Norway will play its next World Cup match against the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic also lost in the first World Cup bid to its neighbor, Slovakia. The disc is dropped at 17:00

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