– I was about to go to Real Madrid

– I was about to go to Real Madrid

It has been nearly five years since Harvey Elliott, who turned 20 last week, made his Fulham debut as a 15-year-old. He made his Premier League debut in May 2019, at the age of 16.

Elliott was naturally seen as a super talent, and Liverpool stepped in and secured him for compensation from Fulham. On Liverpool’s official podcast We Are Liverpool, Elliott was a guest recently. There he says he could have ended up somewhere else entirely, and he could have gone to Real Madrid.

– I was about to go to Madrid, and I think that’s when Liverpool came onto the field. Once I heard they were interested, the decision was made. I made up my mind, and it was only because I was a Liverpool fan, and that’s the whole family,” said Elliott, who was present when the Reds played the Champions League final in Kiev in 2018.

My father’s dream was to play for Liverpool, but it didn’t work out. My little brother is also a huge Liverpool fan, probably one of the biggest fans I’ve seen. Elliott says he always brings me information that I don’t even know about podcast.

I had to move with the whole family

Since Elliot was so young, he had to take his entire family with him if it was Spain. Another factor that made Liverpool easier to choose was when they left London.

– The other thing that came into play is my brother and sister. By taking them to a new culture with a different language when they were young, too. For me, the problem wasn’t settling down, it was about my family and I wanted them to be happy too, he says.

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Elliott had previously said that he had refused to meet Sergio Ramos, after Mohamed Salah was injured in the Champions League final where he himself was present as a fan.

Elliott has now played 61 games for the Reds. Scored six goals.

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