Microsoft launches the new Teams app: now participating in meetings will be much faster

Microsoft launches the new Teams app: now participating in meetings will be much faster

Microsoft’s communications platform Teams has been a huge success, and in March of this year, the company gave a sneak peek at a new and greatly improved version of the app. Now informs Microsoft On their websites The new Teams version is finally available to the general public.

The revamped Teams app promises major improvements in both performance and power efficiency.

Participation in the meeting is much faster

According to the measurements he made gigaroom The new application is supposed to provide up to 50 percent less memory consumption. In addition, starting the application itself should now be 2 times faster than in the previous version, and the process of participating in meetings that have already started should be 2.5 times faster than before.

Microsoft also states that loading conversations and channels should be 1.7x faster with the new version of Teams. According to Gigaom performance tests, actual app installation should be three times faster as well.

Gigaom testers wrote in their conclusion that the new teams showed significant improvement in all test categories, and they also thought the app was easier to use overall and provided a better user experience overall.

Many users

In a recent review of new teams Gigaom claims that the latest version will be able to provide savings of $20,000, or approximately 220,000 kroner, per year to companies with fewer than 250 employees. The company claims that large companies can save up to $7.2 million, or about 79 million Norwegian kroner.

Microsoft Teams was first launched in 2017 and has seen a significant increase in usage since its inception. Today, the platform has more than 300 million monthly active users, According to the company itselfMore than 2.7 billion minutes of meetings are held on the platform every day.

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By comparison, Teams’ biggest competitor, Slack, has just over 50 million monthly active users to date.

Like many other Microsoft products, Teams has integrated AI technology in the form of ChatGPT support. The purpose of this support is to make meetings smarter, more personalized, and more secure.

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