Mixed on Wall Street | Finansavisen

Mixed on Wall Street |  Finansavisen

The case is updated…

Despite better-than-expected inflation numbers, the mood on Wall Street on Thursday was mixed. At closing time, the benchmark indexes on Wall Street looked like this:

Nasdaq It fell 0.6 percent to 12,779 points.

Standard & Poor’s 500 It fell 0.1 percent to 4,207 points.

Dow Jones It rose 0.1 percent to 33,337 points.

The 10-year US Treasury yield rose 11.2 basis points to 2.89 percent, while the Vix rose 2.1 percent to 20.15.

The Consumer Price Index on Wednesday showed that inflation in the United States is slowing. On Thursday, there was another sign that inflation may have eased a bit. US producer prices fell 0.5 percent.

This is not a huge drop, but at the same time, producer prices fell for the first time since the start of the Corona pandemic. Producer price inflation is also still very high, still at a maximum of 9.8 percent.

– Seema Shah, chief strategist at Principal Global Investors, told Bloomberg that the market is underestimating risks, inflation is still an issue and you have to see growth come down.

It’s hard to know if we’re in a bull market or a bear market, Salamon told CNBC.


The streaming service Disney+ gained 14.4 million new subscribers in the second quarter. That was well above analyst expectations of 10 million, and the total is now 221 million, according to the company’s quarterly report.

This is the first time since its launch in 2019, that Disney has more paying users than its rival Netflix, which after a decline this year has 220.67 million users.

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Disney The stock rose more than 4.5 percent on Thursday with results that beat expectations.

oil giant ExxonMobil The price of oil is up 2.9 percent, and therefore up 45 percent so far this year. Also one of Buffett’s favorite oils chevron It rose 2.5 percent.

apple It ended the day on a negative note and was down 0.4 percent. The company now has a larger share of the S&P 500 index than any other company since 1980. Companies such as IBM, Microsift, and Exxon Mobil have not achieved the same weight as Apple today. The weighting should be 7.3 percent according to CNBC.

Gold, Silver, Oil and Cryptocurrencies

Gold Award It fell 0.6 percent on Thursday and closed at 1802.40 an ounce.

Silver Award It fell 2.4 percent to 20,235 an ounce.

price North Sea oil It rose well and closed up 2.1 percent at $99.50 a barrel.

Bitcoin price On Thursday, it rose 2.0 percent to 24,093 dollars.

Ethereum price It also rose by 3.7 percent to 1887 dollars.

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