Mobile boom for Telenor and Telia

Mobile boom for Telenor and Telia

On Route 10 at Oslo Central Station, Cecily Speedsberg goes and looks at her mobile phone. Flytoget waits for Gardermoen, and from there the journey continues to Malaga.

She will not leave her cell phone in Spain, and she has made her preparations for the trip.

– I downloaded a series on my mobile phone for the trip. Now is the final season of “Love Island”.

The 23-year-old stated that she uses a lot of mobile data in podcasts and movies.

– I think I will use less mobile data during the holidays, as I will now do some other things and be with the family.

Spidsberg currently has a Telia subscription, but she’s not sure how much data package she has.

– We have a family subscription, says Spidsberg who is checking how much data is left this month.

I have 6.49 GB left of the 15 GB data package. It expires in 17 days.

– Is this enough?

Yes, it tends to hold up.

Double your computer use

Telenor and Telia are now recording an increased use of mobile data in Norway.

Mobile data growth per customer has been growing at an average of 25 percent per year for the past four to five years, says Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke.

Coronary artery disease is one reason.

The pandemic has led to a doubling of computer use. The launch of wireless broadband has led to significant data growth. In the second quarter, the product accounted for 55 percent of all mobile network traffic, Brick said.

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He adds that Telenor is also recording the return of foreign tourists to the 2019 level.

Norwegian data usage in the EU was 88 percent higher in May 2022, compared to May 2019, Brick says about Telenor’s data usage numbers.

‘strong quarter’

Telia registers the same as Telenor, where mobile customers increase data usage, also when they travel abroad.

Average use in the Norwegian population has changed as a result of the pandemic, and has continued to increase after many of them had home offices, says Stein Eric Vellan, CEO of Telia Norway.

On Wednesday, Telia provided the numbers. The day before, competitor Telenor provided the numbers. The figures show that both Telenor and Telia are making good money operating their mobile, cable, television and broadband operations in Norway. In the second quarter, Telia Norway had an operating margin of 43.5 per cent, while Telenor Norway had an operating margin of 49.2 per cent.

The Norwegian Telia manager is very pleased with the result.

We continue to challenge the market, says Telia Norway CEO, Stein-Erik Vellan.

The company increased its turnover by 5.4 percent.

Revenue growth is driven by new mobile customers and new services, such as mobile insurance, Phelan says.

We will continue to increase income in line with inflation and general price increases in Norway, says Telia's Norwegian CEO, Stein-Erik Vellan.

We will continue to increase income in line with inflation and general price increases in Norway, says Telia’s Norwegian CEO, Stein-Erik Vellan. (Photo: Michaela Berg)

Telia has gained 69,000 new mobile customers since the second quarter of last year, and indicates healthy growth in the enterprise market.

– When will Telia Norwegian mobile customers get an average of 300 NOK per month?

– We are very close. In the second quarter of last year, the amount was NOK 269 – while in the second quarter of this year it rose to NOK 283. We will continue to increase income in line with inflation and general inflation in Norway.

Telia outperforms Telenor in 5G development.

We can offer 70 per cent of Norway’s population 5G, and we are sticking to our goal of having full 5G coverage by the end of 2023.

CEO Petter-Børre Furberg stated that Telenor now has 50 percent population coverage for 5G.

Norway’s two largest mobile phone companies have nearly as many 5G phones using their mobile network, with about a million each.

Last year, Telenor and Telia captured a total market share of 66.5 percent of the total volume of NOK 36.4 billion in the Norwegian telecom market, according to the Norwegian Telecom Authority – of which Telenor’s share is 45.2 percent.

This spring, the Lisi industrial group acquired Norway’s third largest mobile phone company, Ice. Ice recently announced that the company will upgrade 3,200 base stations with 4G and 5G, and about 3,900 new base stations will be launched.

– Voorberg says competition in Norway is high.

Change factor

At Oslo Central Station, Cecily Speedsberg prepares to catch the train. Soon after returning home from Spain, she switched mobile operators.

When Cecilie Spidsberg comes home from vacation, she changes her mobile operator.

When Cecilie Spidsberg comes home from vacation, she changes her mobile operator. (Photo: Hedvig Idås)

After my leave, I will start working as a financial advisor. Then I change my mobile subscription to Telenor, says Spidsberg.

Telenor plans to expand about 9,000 base stations with 5G, which is more than the company has today for 4G.

Spidsberg is among 2 million Norwegians who own a 5G phone.

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