Mod Angelica Behn surprises – shaved head

Mod Angelica Behn surprises – shaved head

On April 29, Maud Angelica Behn turned 20. On that occasion, she chose to cut all her hair to donate it. Reveal it in a video Tik Tok.

Sonya praised Maud

In the video, she wrote, “One month until I shave and donate my hair for my 20th birthday!”

In the video, the 20-year-old can be seen counting down the weeks and days until she gets her new weld. In the video, you can see that a huge crowd gathered to see Maude get her hair cut, before the rest were shaved off.

Watch a video of Mod’s transformation in the video at the top of the box!

mask frame: Not many would have guessed that Maud Angelica Behn was inside the “Dandy” costume. Video: Caroline Henriette Begensuy
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In conclusion, you see a very satisfied Maud, now shedding her dark locks.

She eventually wrote: “Now I’m 20 and life has never felt better.”

In the comments section, people praised her new weft and the choice she made to donate her hair.

Boyfriend with the actor

Boyfriend with the actor

1 Comment “You are a role model worth looking up to.”

“What a nice thing to do. And you wear short hair too,” another compliments.

Little sister Leah Isadora (18) also seems to support Maude’s invention:

Leah Behn celebrates her secret 18th birthday in Skogum. Reporter: Caroline Fagel. Video: Nora Skavog, “Powerwomen Norway” / Viaplay, NRK.
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“Yes,” she commented.

Unlike Leah, Maud is not active on the TikTok app. She often posts posts on Instagramwhere she has nearly 40 thousand followers.

There she posts pictures of her artwork, which she loves. Last fall, she opened her first art exhibition at the Cultural Center in, with the theme of the exhibition being “happiness.”

However, she does have the advantage of posting a picture of her new look.

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