iPhone blister warns

iPhone blister warns

Australian Josiah was looking to use his new phone, which had been bought for around NOK 8,700 on the Facebook Marketplace, when he discovered something didn’t feel right.

Earlier this year, the Australian came across an advertisement for what was supposed to be a brand new iPhone Pro max 14 – the latest iPhone model.

New scam

The serial number is indicated

According to him himself, the seller insisted that the phone was brand new and sealed and that the purchase receipt was included. So Josiah thought the sale looked legitimate and chose to strike, writes The Australian 7 news.

– The man claimed it was new and was able to prove it using the serial number, Josiah later told the newspaper.

When he took the phone, he included – as agreed – the receipt.

So it wasn’t until Josiah came home, excited to use the new phone, that he realized something was wrong.

The phone, which costs NOK 15,490 on Apple’s website, didn’t have the usual functionality that an iOS device usually has, and behaved like an Android device,

Warning: - Delete it

Warning: – Delete it

– He hurt me

The Australian immediately contacted Apple, who were able to confirm that the serial number was real, but that it was a fake phone.

Upon closer examination of the attached receipt, it was discovered that it was also forged.

– It really hurt me, but there was nothing I could do, he told 7 News.

Now Josiah wants to help others by warning them not to make the same mistake.

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On Facebook, he listed so-called “red flags” that he himself had noticed. Among other things, that the seller will not give out his real address, that the seller prefers a general meeting and that they try to expedite the purchase and get the money as soon as possible.

It was discovered that many of the bottle receipts included had no purchase date.

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