Model Y used: great price reductions

Model Y used: great price reductions

It caused quite a stir when, earlier in January, Tesla lowered the starting price of its Model Y, by as much as NOK 120,000.

This naturally put a real dent in the competition. It also had immediate consequences for the flea market. Here, prices have held up well throughout 2022. Now a lot has suddenly turned upside down.

At the time of writing, there are a total of 500 copies for sale on Many are as good as new cars, including cars that were purchased clearly with the intent of quick resale. For several years it was possible to make good money by “turning” some new cars, especially electric cars that take a long time to deliver.

– inflated price

A cursory examination of the cars for sale now shows that many of them have had to adjust their prices. The “new price” is a recurring theme in many ad texts. Some also explain more:

Reduced price after changes in Tesla. Here you get many extras and you don’t have to wait for delivery. Run and buy!

Cheaper on FINN, the first server!

New price!! Possible quick takeover.

You first read the news about the price cut here at Broom

Unconventional: Tesla has always done things their way. It also applies to the way they price their cars. Photo: NTB

Cheaper and harder to sell

This week, confirmed that the Model Y prices have fallen sharply.

The newspaper online Figures provided by Finn showing that the average price of a used Model Y has fallen by NOK 53,000 since the price cut.

Prior to January 13, the average price was NOK 636,000. On January 24, it fell to NOK 583,000. It also took an average of three days for the cars to sell, despite the price cut.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Tesla Model Y

He loses 70,000 per car

According to Broom’s experience, many car dealers also have a large number of used Model Ys in stock, and many cars have been delivered just before Christmas.

K Bil, based at Rud in Bærum, quickly responded to Tesla’s downgrade. Last year, among other things, they purchased 70 Model Ys for their Honk car subscription service.

to the industry site Magnus Groseth, a partner and co-owner of K Bil, says they calculate a loss of NOK 70,000 per Model Y, a total of NOK 8 million.

A good pick: With around 500 copies sold on at the moment, we can say with confidence that there is a buyer's market for the Model Y. Photo: NTB

A good pick: With around 500 copies sold on at the moment, we can say with confidence that there is a buyer’s market for the Model Y. Photo: NTB

Lots of similar cars

500 copies of the same car model is in itself a very large number. What makes the situation so special about the Model Y is that many of the cars are exactly the same.

It’s almost new, has low mileage and is pretty much the same standard of equipment.

Then it is not easy to stand out as a seller. In such a situation, the price becomes more important. This probably means good news for those who are considering buying a used Model Y in the future.

By the way, how much new prices for the Model Y will remain is unknown. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already announced price increases. However, it is unclear how quickly they are coming and how big they are.

Will the car be late? You may then be entitled to compensation

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