More season for Easter cuts

More season for Easter cuts

Easter is the high season for cut wounds for dogs, and many four-legged hiking friends are injured on ski trips each year. Mountain skis with steel rims often cause injuries, and are sometimes very serious.

This is what Trike Forsyth writes in a press release. Every year they see dogs getting injured on the ski track.

– The biggest problem with these injuries is severity and the most common injury is an Achilles tendon cut, says Dor Givinge, a veterinarian at the Anigura Veterinary Hospital in Bergen. He has teamed up with Trike Forciking.

Stick injuries: Two skiers and a dog on the way through Øvresetertjern via Trivandrum in Oslo. Qinge says they also see dogs receiving stab wounds. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

– It is a serious injury, requires long-term healing and a high degree of surgical ability to be effective. Many dogs do not regain 100 percent movement on their injured leg.

Purse and fold extra emerged

During epidemics, many people have had a dog for the first time, with the number of pet insurers rising nearly 10 percent last year, according to Finance Norge figures. Trike Forsychring notices extra demand from dog owners during Easter.

– Injury reports of dogs injuring themselves on ski slopes are a recurring theme of the Easter festival, and are often the culprit when cutting mountain ski wounds with steel edges, says Dorbjorn Brandegan, communications consultant at Trick Forcing.

He therefore encourages dog owners to learn first aid, as well as to have the necessary first aid equipment when the dog is on a ski trip.

Serious: Kvinge makes it clear that damage from steel edges can be very serious and cause long-term or permanent problems.  Photo: Trike Forciking

Serious: Kvinge makes it clear that damage from steel edges can be very serious and cause long-term or permanent problems. Photo: Trike Forciking

Veterinarian and veterinarian Givinge knows firsthand how much damage accidents on a ski slope can cause to dogs. Skiing with sharp edges alone is not dangerous.

– We also see stab wounds. It is most often in the chest cavity or abdominal cavity, which is always intense. Other injuries include cuts to the limbs caused by severe frost. I have not seen much frost damage, but I have heard from colleagues who see this often. Quincke says the testicles of male dogs and the folds of puppies are particularly vulnerable.

Ski slope dog: You need to think about this

Keep this in your bag

If you plan to take the dog on a ski trip, Qinge believes you should use mountain skis with no steel edges or mountain skis with steel edges only in the middle of the skis. Grinding the steel edges of the skis is another option.

The veterinarian clarifies that injuries from steel rims are more serious and can cause long-term or permanent complications.

– If the damage occurred first, check first whether the cut is superficial or deep. If excessive bleeding occurs, apply a bandage with pressure. If the wound is superficial, rinse it with saline solution and rinse daily until the wound is dry.

Do you go to the mountains at Easter? You need to do this now

He urges all dog owners to clean the wound during the Easter holidays and bring compresses, bandages, plaster tape and scissors in their bag.

– He says you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible in any case if the accident occurs and you are unaware or the dog is bleeding profusely.

Treatment can be expensive

In the event of an accident, treating an injured dog can be costly. If it is severe and open time, it is not uncommon for treatments to cost NOK 15,000 and above, the press release said.

– The cost to veterinarians varies with different injuries, and whether treatment takes place on weekdays or during open hours during veterinary work. In severe cases, the size can reach 50 to 75,000 kroner, says Qing.

He therefore recommends that all dog owners insure their animals.

Brandegan at Trike Forcing says a good dog insurance includes both testing and treatment. At the same time, he encourages people to keep the dog under control.

– Then the dog is less likely to be attacked by other skiers or sledges.

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