– The parties are significantly closer than ever – V.G

- The parties are significantly closer than ever - V.G
Meeting: Norwegian mediator Mats Wilhelm Ruland in Stockholm.

Stockholm / Oslo (VG) On Friday, the parties to the SAS conflict begin their third day of negotiations.

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The parties returned to the negotiating table for the first time since then on Wednesday 900 pilots went on strike last week on Monday.

On Friday, talks resumed at 10am at Næringslivets hus in Stockholm.

Henrik Thyrekot, head of the Danish Pilots Association, left early in front of Næringslivets hus, where the parties meet.

On the way: Henrik Thyrekot, president of the Danish Pilots Association.

He said he would not comment on the negotiations themselves.

– Do you think pilots are flexible?

– I think we have been very flexible since November. We’ve added a 25 percent discount on SAS. It’s “out of this world,” he says — literally, out of another world.

is remarkably close

Norwegian national mediator Mats Wilhelm Ruland says he does not want to comment on the development, but says:

– The parties are significantly closer to mediation than they have ever been.

Dealer: Roger Cloxet, President of the Norwegian SAS Pilot Association on Friday.

Roger Cloxet, who heads the Norwegian SAS Pilots Association (NSF), insists the conflict could have been resolved by September and says SAS is making more savings demands.

– The day the pieces fall into place?

– I believe?

– How long are you willing to sit?

– As long as necessary.

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In: Negotiations Manager for SAS, Marianne Herness.

Marianne Hernes, SAS’s negotiation manager, says the distance is the same as yesterday.

– On some important issues, the parties are far apart, he says.

– Is SAS’s decision-making power slow because it’s slow?

– I don’t want to say that. It’s one of the most important things we need, so it’s clear that what we do here is to make sure we don’t destroy potential funding. New models have emerged with which we can work.

– Do you want something to happen now?

– Yes, I don’t think I can sit for long. We should try to find each other. But it’s hard to say.

– Would you like to negotiate this weekend?

– We don’t know. We are willing to sit as long as needed, says Herness.

Air Inspector: We hope the strike will end today

Aviation analyst Hans Jørgen Elnes tells VG that for SAS they are losing 100-130 million NOK per day.

– Confidence in the company is also very negatively affected now, and if this drags on for a long time, it is not certain that the confidence will return.

– 300,000 passengers will soon be affected, it is clear that there are many costs and complications involved, and it is very unfortunate for all parties that this strike has not ended. I hope that will happen today, says Elnes.

Faith: Aviation explorer Hans Jørgen Elnes.

Negotiations continued till Friday night

The second day of talks lasted till 01 pm on Friday. Ruland said:

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– The parties are closer to each other than ever before.

He points out that this is a very complex mediation with three countries and four different associations.

Negotiations held at night: a lighted meeting room at Næringslivets hus in Stockholm, where negotiations are taking place.

On the other hand, Marianne Hernes, head of negotiations for SAS, said that the negotiations. It has gone back and forth a bit:

– Now we’ve gone back a bit more, she said on Friday night.

She elaborated that they were tired and weary and it was best to call it quits for the day.

Big loss

SAS estimates that the strike will result in losses of NOK 100-130 million per day.

As of Thursday, the steak cost the company up to 1.3 billion Swedish kroner, the equivalent of about 1.27 billion Norwegian kroner.

On Friday, a total of 172 flights were cancelled Overview of VG. Of these, 165 were SAS flights.

Since the strike began on July 4, more than 2,550 flights had been canceled on Thursday, affecting more than 270,000 passengers, SAS said in a press release at the time.

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