Durek Verret answered: – Without the help of school medicine I would die now – V.G

Durek Verret answered: - Without the help of school medicine I would die now - V.G
Engagement: Earlier this year it was revealed that Princess Martha Louise and Duke Veret were engaged.

Durek Verret says he was never opposed to school medicine, and blames the press for contributing to the confusion.

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Earlier Wednesday, the Epilepsy Society learned that In 2020 he ended his collaboration with Märtha Louise Because of the turmoil surrounding Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett.

– In general, when it comes to alternative medicine, our clear call is to deal with school medicine, said the President of the Epilepsy Society, Bente Nordal Longso.

Many of Durek Veret’s statements were in the background, which the Epilepsy Society says is against the organization’s ethics.

In an email to VG, Durek Verrett commented on this, as did several other organizations The Epilepsy Society is considering doing the same. In his reply, he makes it clear that the school never rejected medicine.

– Already in 2019 in our interview with Fredrik Skavlan, Veret writes that Martha Lewis and I discussed the importance of school medicine with the importance of alternative medicine.

– Veret writes that I would be a fool if I rejected school medicine, and I myself was saved from it.

He cites his own story of eight years of dialysis before a healthy kidney transplant.

Comment on US conditions: Durek Verret believes there are misunderstandings about his statements, which were republished by a Norwegian newspaper.

– I would die now without the help of school medicine. So, of course I am for school medicine,” writes Verret, who still takes medication when needed and keeps in touch with her doctor.

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Verrett says there is a closer connection between alternative medicine and school medicine in the United States than he experienced in Norway.

– Healers, acupuncturists and shamans work side by side with medical staff in many hospitals and find a common understanding that each can benefit from each other’s knowledge and practice for the benefit of patients.

He says the press has twisted what he says, and he can no longer recognize what he really means.

Turek Verret’s exit was widely discussed In the hospital when he had corona, he chose to “cure” himself with a medal.

Veret also commented on this in his reply to VG.

– I understand that it may be confusing for me to leave the hospital during Covid, but I am still in favor of school medicine.

He insists that if he were in Norway, which he believes has one of the best health systems in the world, he would have believed everything the doctors said.

IN TROMSØ: Princess Martha Louise and Durek Verret at the World Theater in Tromsø in May.

– So, it’s about a cultural collapse, where you read what I say through Norwegian glasses, but I’m talking about how it is in America. They are two different things, hence there are misunderstandings.

He questions what he thinks of the Epilepsy Society’s collaboration with Märtha Louise.

– Did they ask her what she meant? Or do they just take what she says without asking?

Many more associations are considering it Worked with Märtha Louise.

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– I also question the fact that they are reacting to Martha for something I said. Aren’t we two different people who stand for different things in life but chose to be together? She is a strong, independent woman who has her own opinions and attitudes.

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