The mass murderer must have committed suicide – VG

Arrested: Miles Sanderson (the man) has been arrested. His brother Damien was found dead after the mass murder.

After an intense police chase, the police found the accused, Miles Sanderson. Soon after, he was reported to have died.


Canadian police arrested Myles Sanderson Thursday night after he has been at large since Sunday. He is one of the alleged perpetrators of the Saskatchewan mass murder.

He was captured near the town of Rostern, Saskatchewan.

Canadian police later confirmed that Sanderson was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead after his arrest. Police Chief Rhonda Blackmore told a news conference that he died after being arrested after being unwell. She says resuscitation was attempted at the scene.

She didn’t want to say anything about the cause of death at a Thursday evening news conference.

Global News previously reported that Sanderson died of his injuries. So, this is not something the police have confirmed.

The Associated Press wrote that police acted after reports of a stolen car driven by a man armed with a knife. A source told Al-Akhbar City that the car was forced off the road.

Huge Manhunt: Photo from the road outside Rostern, Saskatchewan, where Miles Sanderson was arrested.

Canadian police have confirmed that Sanderson’s death will be investigated.

Public broadcaster CBC spoke to a man who said Sanderson broke into his mother’s property, 30 kilometers north of Wakau, and stole a car. This allegedly happened just two hours before Sanderson’s arrest.

The accused brother died

Ten people were killed and 15 injured after one Mass stabbing in Canada on Sunday morning.

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Another suspected offender and Miles’ brother, Damien Sanderson, was found dead after the murders. Police believe he was killed by his brother Miles.

Just under an hour before Miles Sanderson was arrested, people were asked to take cover after a man with a knife was spotted in the area around Wwakau.

There was a massive manhunt for Sanderson in three Canadian provinces.

The police wrote on Twitter that there was no longer any danger to the public in connection with this case.

Earlier on Wednesday, the parents of the Sanderson brothers asked their surviving son to surrender.

– I want to say sorry to my children, to my son. We don’t know the full story but I want to apologize to everyone who has been affected by this horrific situation,” the mother told the Canadian TV station. CBC.

Canadian law enforcement will now review why Miles Sanderson was earlier released from prison while serving a four-year sentence for several cases of violence, the BBC writes.

The knife attacks occurred in Saskatchewan, in the James Smith Cree Nation, a reservation for several groups of Indigenous Canadians, early Sunday morning, Norwegian time.

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