This is the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra

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A new top model has been unveiled.

The new Apple Watch Series 8.

The rumor mill already told us that Apple will launch a new model in the watch division, but no one guessed the name correctly.

In addition to a new low-cost variant – the Apple Watch SE – and the “regular” Apple Watch Series 8, Apple could reveal the new brand Apple Watch Ultra.

Watch Ultra gets a button

Superlatives were loose during the show, and the new watch is bigger, better, more powerful and more powerful than its previous models.

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But maybe this is not everyone’s hour. However, it’s in direct competition with top models from Garmin, Suunto and their partners, aimed at the most adventurous, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts among us. Because many of the novelties offered by the Apple Watch Ultra have very specific uses.

But let’s start with the design first.

Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a 49mm watch case made of titanium, and it has a slightly different design than the regular Apple Watch. The screen is now completely flat, which makes it even stronger.

There was also a new button in International Orange, whatever color it actually was.

The Ultra has a battery life of 36 hours as usual, or 60 hours with the new battery-friendly eco mode. That’s nearly double the number of models today.

Screen brightness should be 2000 nits. Equipped with a new and more powerful speaker, the internal siren should be able to scream at 86 decibels, alerting everyone around you in case of need.

The watch should have the new dual-frequency GPS, because some places are a little more difficult for regular GPS signals. The usual GPS frequency is called L1, but now you get the L5 as well, which should practically provide a faster and more accurate location.

The new Night Mode should make the Watch Ultra more comfortable to look at in the dark.

There will also be two features specially added for all the running nerds out there. For example, the watch should automatically detect when you arrive at a running track, so you can start tracking your runs around the track. With a simple tap on the screen, you can keep track of lap times. Support for heart rate zones and information on running technology and operating power are also available.

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For tourists, there will be a separate “route finder” function to make it easier to draw points on the map, to make it easier to find your way when you are in the middle of the forest.

Apple Watch Ultra.

If you’re outside swimming or snorkeling, the watch will automatically change the screen to a separate swim screen, which shows how deep you are. The new depth sensor should be able to tell how deep you are – up to 40 meters – and also be able to tell you the temperature of the water.

They simply describe it as a separate “diving computer,” talking to the Oceanic Plus app, of which divers are clearly big consumers. Since there are very few Tek editors taking the plunge, we can only rely on Apple here. For someone who doesn’t dive in, we just have to trust Apple here.

A great investment to dive in with the new Apple Watch Ultra.

And the price of the Apple Watch Ultra? Norwegian krone 9,990. This puts her in the middle of high-end training hours, and it will be exciting to see how she will cope with the competition from the top models of Garmin, Suunto and the rest of the group.

The watch can be pre-ordered now, and will be released on September 23.

Moreover, you can choose only one color – metal with an orange button – but you can choose from three different bands.

The new Apple Watch Series 8.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a slightly larger screen than before, but other than that it’s the same design as before.

It provides many features for health, safety and connectivity. Among other things, it offers a new temperature sensor, especially for fertility tracking in women.

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Here they indicate that the data is stored securely and is not shared with anyone. Perhaps there is a good detail to mention in light of the abortion debate in the United States these days.

Apple Watch Series 8 will measure your wrist temperature every 5 seconds during the night to track your health. This seems to only happen during the night, as a sort of “baseline” for your body temperature. This can be used for different things, but is probably especially useful for women to track ovulation.

A new temperature sensor can give you, among other things, the opportunity to track ovulation — after that, too.

The new watch should also be able to automatically detect if you’ve been in a car accident. It simply measures whether you have experienced extreme changes in acceleration force, as well as some other measurements, in order to verify that you have been in a car accident. Then it will send your location automatically, so you can get help ASAP.

A new feature in Apple Watch Series 8 is fault detection.

The battery life appears to be the same, “all day 18 hours,” as Apple calls it, but they also have a new “low power mode,” which should give you 36 hours of life. Then it still keeps track of activities, but it closes the Always On screen and automatic workout detection.

International roaming is also new for models that support mobile phone networks.

The watch also comes in a number of different colors – four for aluminum and three for steel.

Apple Watch Series 8 starts at 4,990 NOK and is available from September 16th.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

The second generation Watch SE.

There was definitely more breaking news. There will be a new kind of “cheap watch” Apple Watch SE. Three new colors are among the news.

It should be 20 percent faster than the previous SE model and have the screen 30 percent larger than the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple certainly envisions the SE variants of the watch could be a children’s thing, and points out how easy it has become to set up the watch via iPhone for family members.

Pricing for this starts at 3,190 NOK here in Norway, and is also available from September 16th.

Apple Watch SE (2022)

Apple Watch SE (2022)

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