Murder alert in Ringerike: Jonas Aarseth Henriksen (30) was found dead near a room

Murder alert in Ringerike: Jonas Aarseth Henriksen (30) was found dead near a room

NES/OSLO (VG) On TikTok, he calls himself “LastebilJonas”. The police believe that a 30-year-old man died in this way.

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On Saturday, the police sounded a homicide alert in Ringerike.

The Sour-East Police District believes an autopsy on a man found dead near a cabin Thursday points to foul play.

They asked Kripos for help in this matter.

Do you know anything about this case? Note VG’s journalists hereOr call 22 00 00 00.

No one has been arrested so far.

The police have now released the identity of the person after consulting the relatives.

The family’s spokesperson, Ivar Borgen, shared with VG the following message from the family on Friday:

“Our beloved, irreplaceable Jonas passed away from us suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. Words cannot describe the grief! The family is together and we pray for peace in the future.”

Investigator: Police have gathered at the spot where the man was found dead.

The deceased was Jonas Henriksson, a 30-year-old from Hønefoss who was considered an influential figure in the trucking community.

Henriksen was active on social media, including on TikTok, where he posted pictures under the name Lastabiljonas.

Viji has spoken to many acquaintances who describe him as very nice.

Henriksen has claimed on social media that he has been subjected to assault, attempted arson and vandalism. According to a Facebook post published in June, it should be underway by summer 2021.

Police prosecutor Tine Henriksen from the Sør-East police district has confirmed that he is guilty of several crimes that are part of the ongoing murder investigation.

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– He says it is important to examine whether it is relevant to the case at hand.

When asked that Ringerike’s newspaper If all causes of death except murder have been ruled out, the police prosecutor responds:

– Based on the preliminary autopsy report and the answers the police have received in other investigations, we are sure we are dealing with a murder.

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