My Norwegian Holiday – The sly 'Norwegian' Christmas movie is mind blowing

My Norwegian Holiday – The sly 'Norwegian' Christmas movie is mind blowing

Norwegian Christmas film My Norwegian Holiday is a big surprise – and the most-broadcast film on TV 2 this Christmas.

This is what the industry website writes campaign.

The American Christmas film, partly filmed in Bergen, was reviewed by Norwegian reviewers before Christmas.

Broken “Norwegian”.

The film is about an American woman, JJ, who meets Norwegian Henrik in a café in Minnesota just before Christmas and he offers to get her a plane ticket to Bergen.

Clear call: – Dress well

The main roles are played by Rhiannon Fish, who has played in many films such as Home and Away and Neighbors, and David Elsendoorn, better known by the comedy series name Jan Maas “Ted Lasso”.

Although the film is partly set in Norway and some of the characters are supposed to be “Norwegian”, most of the actors are foreign.

“Everyone who speaks ‘Norwegian’ does so in such a broken way that it is an amusement in itself, and singing in the language they do not know helps little,” he wrote. Police P3s movie.

They call the film a “ko-ko concept” and “a shake-up of entertainment culture.”

The scenario is weak

While comedian Christopher Schilderup reviewed the film Bergen newspaperHe describes the Christmas film as “cliché upon cliché”:

– He confirms that Bergen is as beautiful as this scenario is weak.

It is perhaps surprising, then, that the film has so far attracted 419,000 Norwegian viewers through TV 2 Play.

As 15-year-old Adele Angelsen was about to drink a glass of water on Boxing Day, her chin fell off. Video: Kai-Henning Angelsen. Reporter: Christina Corneliussen
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Even TV 2's program director and content strategy director, Trygve Ronningen, had low expectations for the film.

Kimbanji reveals this:

– It's never easy to predict how an audience will receive something, but I think My Norwegian Vacation is a cult Christmas film. And it might even be a new movie called “True Love” — who would have thought, he says.

– Amazingly high numbers

He praises his buying team for “saw something in the film that he didn't see himself.” By comparison, “Three Nuts for Cinderella” has been streamed 78,000 times, according to Kantar figures.

Sound the alarm: - Do not underestimate the risks

Sound the alarm: – Do not underestimate the risks

However, a total of 819,000 people watched the classic Christmas film on television.

– This is a low-budget Hallmark movie, and I think everyone who watches the movie understands that. The film is what it is – with all its strengths and weaknesses, and that's why it's so enjoyable because so many people have seen it. Because there are astonishingly high numbers, says Ronningen.

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