Mysterious weather phenomenon

Mysterious weather phenomenon

On Thursday night, May-Liz Bovik drove home from her cabin in Flått in Høylandet in Trøndelag. The scene you met on the trip is one you will soon forget.

– When I was driving along the road, it was a hell of a color that met me. A little later I saw these rings in the sky. I thought it was so special that I had to stop to take a picture of the cloud phenomenon, Buvik tells Dagbladet.

After she posted photos of the bright red rings in the sky on Facebook, she received a massive response.

Many believe that it may be from gas withdrawal from Volcanic eruption in La Palma, but the meteorologist has a different theory.

possible explanation

State meteorologist Per-Eigel Haga told Dagbladet that there is no clear explanation for the cloud phenomenon.

However, it is thought that it is unlikely that the rings originated from the volcanic eruption at La Palma, because there was little transport of air masses from La Palma further north. The meteorologist explains that as far as the air masses were moved, they were moved in an easterly direction.

– These are very cool pictures. I’ve consulted with my colleague, and we think the most likely explanation is that this is something we call lens clouds, which in Latin are altocumulus lenticularis, says Haga.

CLOUD PHENOMENA: A meteorologist thinks the red rings in the sky might be called lens clouds.  Photo: My Lis Bovik

CLOUD PHENOMENA: A meteorologist thinks the red rings in the sky might be called lens clouds. Photo: My Lis Bovik
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He explains that these clouds are formed when there are strong winds in the upper layers of the air. Then waves are formed in the circulatory system, which in turn form lens clouds.

– We think it’s a matter of lens clouds because it’s common for these clouds to happen when there are strong winds from the southeast. This was the weather situation for that day in Trondelag, says the state meteorologist and adds:

– I think it is more likely that this is a natural phenomenon rather than a gas pollution.

Lens clouds, or almond clouds as they are also called, are often elliptical cloud formations that can sometimes resemble a foreign object, Haga explains.

Awakened alert: A black ring of smoke in the sky made people stop in Salt Lake City. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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However, he could not say with certainty that the clouds that Bovik saw were lens clouds.

Lens clouds tend to be clearer, but in these images they are slightly obscured by other nearby clouds, he says.

– Very amazing

Whether it’s lens clouds or a completely different interpretation, the meteorologist isn’t sure.

However, he had clearly never seen anything like this before.

– That’s so amazing. It looks like it was drawn with crayons. I can’t remember having seen such an artistic phenomenon in the sky before, says Haga.

“The Man”: Many people have spoken to Mae Les Buffik to think that it looks as if one of the clouds in the circle is a picture of a man. Photo: My Lis Bovik
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He says it can almost look as if the strong colors in the photos have been modified, though he stresses that he doesn’t think so.

Buvik confirms that the colors in the image have not been adjusted.

“People might think I cheated, but I didn’t,” she says.

The state meteorologist explains that the strong colors in the cloud come from the fact that the sun was low on the horizon.

– It also appears as if the sun is on the right side and the sun’s rays only hit the lens clouds and not the other surrounding clouds. That’s why they get these beautiful reds, he says and adds:

– It’s a visual phenomenon. Usually, there are particles in the atmosphere that cause amazing sunsets. These can include ice particles. If there are many particles when the light hits the atmosphere, then red light will be highlighted instead of blue light. Hagga explains that the higher the number of particles, the redder the color.

Massive response: May-Lis Buvik received a massive response after she posted sky photos on Facebook.  Photo: private

Massive response: May-Lis Buvik received a massive response after she posted sky photos on Facebook. Photo: private
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The man in heaven

When Buvik posted the photos on her Facebook profile, several people discovered in the comments field strange details that she herself hadn’t noticed.

In one of the two red rings in the sky, there was a cloud that could resemble the image of a human.

After Buvik Søndag also shared the photos on the “Spend your vacation in Norway” Facebook page, suggestions poured into the comments field about who the “person” might be.

There are many who think it is similar to “Snåsamannen,” and others think it is similar to King Olaf, says Bovik.

She herself believes that it is her deceased father who looks and cares for her.

– I’ve never seen anything like that, she says.

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