NASA is looking for candidates to simulate a trip to Mars

NASA is looking for candidates to simulate a trip to Mars
In preparation to send astronauts to Mars, NASA is looking for people who will live one year in the Alpha Sand Dunes on Mars.

Do you dream of traveling to Mars? Now is the chance to test life as Mars.

NASA is looking for candidates to join a crew on a one-year simulation trip to Mars.

Thus, a trip to Mars will be an earthly affair, more specifically at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Starting in the fall of 2022, the crew will live in a habitat that simulates life on another planet.

For Norwegians, this will likely be a far-fetched dream. Candidates must be US citizens or have a US permanent residence permit. They must be healthy, enthusiastic, and between the ages of 30 and 55. Master’s degree in related subjects such as Mathematics or Biology is a prerequisite. Maybe you know someone who matches the criteria? Then just send Application for NASA.

The experience will contribute to space exploration and space travel in the future. The goal is to test how well motivated individuals cope with one year under Martian-like conditions.

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New flights into space

The series of test flights is known as Crew health and performance exploration analog. They will simulate residences on Mars. The experiments will support space research and develop methods and technologies for future space travel to the Moon and Mars.

“Simulations on the ground will help us understand and predict the physical and mental challenges that astronauts will face,” says Grace Douglas. He is chief of research at NASA’s Space Center in Houston.

Each task must consist of four people. They will live and work in one 3D printed unitIt is called Mars Dune Alpha. Habitat will simulate the challenges of a spaceflight to Mars. Limited resources, failed equipment, delayed communication and other stresses are included. The crew will be sent on simulated outings in space. They will research and use virtual reality technology and robotics. This is how they will prepare people to travel to Mars.

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