Nelfo: Low construction activity leaves room for a faster green transition

Nelfo: Low construction activity leaves room for a faster green transition

There is good capacity in the electrical industry to implement ENØK measures that receive Enova’s support, says Tore Strandskog at Nelfo. Recent figures show that more than half of companies have the capacity to handle many tasks.

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– There was an impression that the electrical industry did not have the ability to install solar cells and ENØK measures in buildings. This is not true, Tori Strandskog, director of business policy at Nelfo, says in a press release.

Nelfo is the NHO’s national association and regulates electrical, ecom and elevator companies as well as system integrators.

good capacity

As part of the latest NHO member survey, Nelfo asked its member companies about their ability to handle an increasing number of tasks. This they answer:

• 16 percent can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

• 38 percent can take on more assignments later in the fall and during the winter.

• 29 percent can handle the amount of tasks we have today, but don’t take on more.

This is also in line with Nelfo’s latest market report with figures from Prognosgesenteret.

The explanation is that we expect construction activity to decline in the next few years, and this is especially true for new homes and commercial buildings. The downturn was caused, among other things, by increased construction costs and higher interest rates, Strandskog says.


Nelfo believes that it is smart now, for both companies and authorities through Enova, to turn more activity into measures that help us save electricity. If we are to achieve the goals of reducing emissions and increasing electricity, more electricity must be obtained quickly through energy efficiency and solar energy. With today’s electricity prices, Nilvo says, this is a win-win situation. Families get a reduced electricity bill and energy that can be used for other things is released.

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Norway has great potential in terms of energy efficiency, solar energy, and smarter electricity use. Realizing the potential will unlock energy for climate change, as well as create multiplier effects in the form of increased employment and value creation in supplier companies and with other market stakeholders, says Tore Strandskog at Nelfo.

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