Netflix announces price increase

Netflix announces price increase

The streaming service is increasing the prices of some of its subscription services, several media reports say. The company says prices will initially rise in the United States, France and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Netflix has significantly increased its subscriber count recently. From July to August, the company gained a total of 8.8 new users, which is much higher than many analysts had previously thought.

The same company is responsible for the latest attack, as it tried to crack down on sharing passwords so that multiple people could use the same user. In addition, they point to a variety of shows, such as “Love at First Sigh” and the Japanese series “One Piece.”

The increase in subscribers is based on: BBC The largest in almost two years, and also led to a rise in the value of the company’s shares. On Wednesday alone, shares were supposed to rise 13 percent, according to the report Reuters.

In several statements, Netflix has cast doubt on whether it will be able to bring in new subscribers, partly due to competition in the market. In the first half of 2022, they lost about a million subscribers.

The price increases were announced in an earnings report that showed the company’s global subscriber base reached 247 million at the end of September. More than 70 percent of subscribers live in the United States.

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