New drone strikes against Kyiv – NRK Oryx – Foreign news and documentaries

New drone strikes against Kyiv – NRK Oryx – Foreign news and documentaries

In the transition to the new year, Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine with missiles and drones.

Last night, Ukrainian forces shot down 45 Iranian drones sent by Russia. This is what President Volodymyr Zelensky said, according to the Reuters news agency.

This is supposed to be part of a Russian drone that was shot down last night over Kyiv.

Photo: Union

Last night, the military department in Kyiv said that 20 pieces were dropped over the capital.

– The Russians sent several waves of Shahid drones. The target was critical infrastructure, Kyiv Governor Oleksij Kuleba says on messaging service Telegram.

One person was reportedly injured and another hospitalized in the capital.

– There is a necessary power outage in the city, says Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko. Electricity and water supplies are said to have been affected. According to the mayor, 25 drones were shot down over Kyiv. 15 They were said to have been dropped over the provinces around the capital.


Offensive wave: from an earlier airstrike against Kyiv.


The military authorities also reported shooting down nine drones over the cities of Dnipro and Zaporizhia in the eastern part of the country.

Exciting transformation

At least four people were killed in a series of Russian airstrikes over the New Year’s weekend, AFP reported. According to other reports, at least 50 people were injured.


Destruction: The residents of a destroyed house collect some of the remaining belongings. This is from the city of Zaporizhzhya yesterday.

Photo: Andriy Andriyenko/AP

During the last days of 2022, Russian forces attacked with large amounts of cruise missiles and drones. Later, they continue to attack with drones.

– President Zelensky said yesterday that drones, missiles and everything else will not help them.

He emphasized that Ukrainians are united. He said that too The Ukrainians will never forgive the numerous Russian attacks.


More drones: The Ukrainian military shows off a drone that the Russians used in December.


attacked the Russian lands

Russian authorities say today that a Ukrainian drone attack destroyed an energy supply facility in the Bryansk region bordering Ukraine.

– A Ukrainian drone attack was launched in the morning hours on the Klimovsky district, Governor Aleksandr Bogomaz claimed via Telegram, according to Reuters.

There should be no electricity in the area. No one was hurt.

Big challenges

Ann Berg

The long winter: There will be major humanitarian challenges in Ukraine in the coming days, said Secretary-General of the Red Cross Ann Bergh.

Photo: Olaf A. Saltbones/Rc

The Secretary General of the Red Cross, Ann Bergh, told NRK that there are not many bright spots in the current situation in Ukraine due to the attacks.

People lose electricity and heat in their homes. This means that schools and hospitals are exposed and lose electricity and water.

Berg believes it will be a long winter with great challenges. .

But at the same time, she stresses that there is a very humanitarian effort in Ukraine now, from the entire international community, as well as from Norway. And Ukrainians really appreciate it.

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