New job

New job

In 2022, Vipps merged with Danish MobilePay, but until now it has not been possible to transfer funds across borders between Nordic users.

Now Vipps will become Nynorsk

It comes before the summer vacation

However, starting next month, Vipps MobilePay plans to roll out a new function that will enable Nordic users to transfer money to each other.

– We expect to launch this functionality before the summer holidays, so people will also have the opportunity to use it if they are on a summer holiday in the Nordic countries. We expect the functionality to be ready during June, says Morten Kgelso, CTO at MobilePay Danish computer scientist.

According to Danish Computerworld, this functionality comes after MobilePay moved its Nordic users to a common platform and common app earlier this year.

at this time advertiser Vipp's MobilePay manager, Rune Garborg, also plans for Sweden to follow very quickly.

- Big cheers

– Big cheers

You will charge a fee

One of the challenges faced in implementing this function is that the Nordic countries use different currencies.

Primarily, this problem will be solved using the card infrastructure of Visa Direct and Mastercard Send.

In practice, this method will work so that if you want to transfer money to a Danish person, you enter the amount in Danish krone, and then using the built-in currency calculator you will see how much it is in Norwegian krone.

If you transfer money locally, you will not pay any additional fees as long as the amount is NOK 5,000 or less. Between national borders, MobilePay will charge a fee. The amount of participation has not yet been determined.

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-We have to find a model that makes it attractive to use, whether you're renting a booth or paying for pizza. This is what our employees are counting on now, Kjellso tells Computerworld in Denmark.

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