New Wild Goals Show: Bodo/Glimt to the semi-finals after conversion

New Wild Goals Show: Bodo/Glimt to the semi-finals after conversion

(Bodø/Glimt – Viking 5-3) They fell behind by two goals twice. But Bodø/Glimt came back and decided on the insane scoring display with five goals in 40 minutes.


– Crazy delicious, says Glimt trainer Kjetil Knutsen.

– A wonderful transformation, says NRK expert Åge Hareide.

The Vikings led both 0–2 and 1–3. But led by Hugo Vitelsen, Glimt made a terrible comeback. Espjord and substitute Nino Zugilj each scored two goals, while Amal Pellegrino scored the fifth.

– Hugo Vetlesen is the best on the field. Showing national team form, Hareide hung on after the midfielder’s three assists on 17 minutes when the drama ended.

The quarterfinal match at Aspmyra was almost a copy of the series match in November. Glimt then won 5-4 after Viking had led 2-4.

– We can hold entertaining football matches, says Ronar Espijord and talks about “ethics and character”.

– Devilish fun, sums up Glimt forward from Tromsø. The winner of Sunday’s Tromsø-Lillestrøm match awaits in the semi-finals. Espjord wants old club in the semi-finals.

– Fortunately, we have both loyalty and unity, says Kjetil Knutsen.

– When we’re 3-1 up, we have little hope, says Lars-Jørgen Salvesen, who scored the last Viking goal just two weeks after leaving Bodø/Glimt.

– It’s incredibly heavy. We have to look at the five goals that we receive. He adds that if we keep conceding five, there won’t be many points.

GLIMT-CHEERING: Glimt’s top scorers celebrated with two goals, Runnar Espbjord and Nino Zögli, along with Patrick Berg and Albert Groenbeck. Vikings goaltender Patrick Gunnarsson wasn’t that happy.

Glimt Don Ulrik Saltnes – injured after an unpleasant encounter with a mirror – had the quarter-finals from the start. But the Vikings had a plan. It was called 5-3-2.

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“The Vikings stand like a Christmas tree,” commented expert NRK Hareide early on.

Glimt worked extensively to get past the glitter and balls. Hugo Vetlesen has managed most things under difficult working conditions. He found indoor runner’s companion Albert Groenbeck after 25 minutes.

But Vikings goaltender Patrick Gunnarsson was pleased at the end. The Icelander was also in control when Grønbæk headed in the opposite post.

Then the target presentation began.

In the next minute came Trebek’s first counterattack. Lars-Jørgen Salvesen found his fellow striker with an accurate ball. Glimmet Plugs were not followed by Bridie Mo and Marius Laude.

– said Harid completely out of place.

  • 0-1: Zlatko Trebic finished right-footed completely. The ball went in an arc over menacing Glimt goalkeeper Julian Fay Lund and into the far corner. At the same time, Trebek slammed his boot in the face and left him lying flat.

– We were insanely efficient, the Vikings said during the halftime.

  • 0-2: Came on counterattack #2 in overtime in the first half. This time Glimm hit the ball from a corner kick. But then centre-back Gianni Stensis got time and space. The ball was in the corner.

– We’re going down quite a bit. We have to evolve to higher tribek thinking.

Glimt continued driving after the break.

  • 1-2: Patrick Gunnarsson chipped in perfectly before the break, but the Viking goalkeeper’s chest six minutes into the break wasn’t good enough. Albert Grunbeck headed Runar Espejord. Glimt’s striker headed towards the goal.

The home team’s semi-final hopes grew high.

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But Lars Jurgen Salvesen wanted it differently.

  • 1-3: The former Glimt player beat Marius Laude in the air and headed the ball past Julien Faye Lund. NRK expert Hareide was clear that Glimt’s goalkeeper should have cleaned the long post from the left.

Markus Solbakken of the Vikings hit Hugo Vetlesen in the back of the leg immediately after. The punishment seemed clear. But Judge Christopher Huggins was not blown away. The son of the national team coach survived after the attack on the national team member Vitelsen.

Obviously, VAR will check such a situation when the elite series begins. But video refereeing is not used in the North Mediterranean. But Bodo/Glimt had more in store.

  • 2-3: Nino Zugelj had only been on the field for four minutes when he was set up by Patrick Berg. The Slovenian was given time and space, and he used it to curve the ball into the opposite corner.
Top scorers: Nino Zogeli congratulates Patrick Berg and Hugo Vitelsen.
  • 3–3: Just five minutes later, Viking lost the ball in midfield. He went to the worst possible opponent. Hugo Vetlesen immediately broke through to Zugejl. The winger scored another amazing goal.
  • 4–3: After another error by the Vikings, the ball again ended up with Hugo Vetlesen. The post was of high quality. Runar Espjord won the match with a perfect volley.
  • 5-3: Vetlesen took out another score. This time Amahl Pellegrino founded it. Glimt’s top scorer put the final nail in the Vikings’ coffin.
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