Newly divorced Jonas Jardel on online dating: – He’s worried about swiping

Newly divorced Jonas Jardel on online dating: – He’s worried about swiping

Swede Jonas Jardel (59 years old) felt sad after his separation from Mark Livengood (59 years old), but now he is looking forward.


It was a sad Gardell who announced her separation from Finn Mark Livengood in the new year.

-I have no future. Jardel added: It happened with Mark today’s news Late September.

But now the author, comedian and artist sees life in a brighter light.

– At first I thought: “Damn it, I will grow up and die alone, the cats will start eating me before anyone finds me.” But now I’m starting to think that I should see this as a new adventure, he tells talk show host Bianca Ingrosso (28 years old) on Canal 5’s “Bianca.”

Gardell and Livengood were a couple for 37 years, married for 11 years.

Fear of checking apps

Express Quotes from the TV interview, where Jardel explains that even if he is now dating again, it is not happening super fast.

– I thought I was going to lie down, but then it became very difficult, admits the 59-year-old.

He claims to have no dating experience. He is particularly inexperienced when it comes to vetting applications.

-I’ve never dated. And that thing about passing…I worry about hitting. I Wants He says: Do not pass, referring to the selection of candidates that appear on the mobile phone through various applications.

End: Jonas Jardel and Mark Livengood, pictured in 2018.

Bianca Ingrosso then encouraged interested TV viewers to direct message Gardell via Instagram instead.

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– People send you messages and then you can reply. the Wants “We sleep with you,” a beaming Ingrosso said to laughter from the television studio.

It still ends in divorce

News of the breakup between Jardell and Livengood came as a surprise to the outside world.

Mark and I parted with sadness and a strong sense of unreality. We will not divorce, but we are no longer in a love relationship. We will try to be friends and go to therapy to see where it leads“,” Gardell wrote on Instagram in January.

Half a year later, they still decided to divorce, and Aftonbladet She announced in June that her divorce filing had been granted.

Looking back at old Gardell interviews on VGTV:


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